Supreme Court Ky Justice Asif Khosa ny Panama Case Ka Faisla Suna Dia

panama case supreme court pakistan

PM Nawaz ki Na Ehli: 2 Judgest ny Nawaz Sharif ko Na Ehal karny ka mutaliba kia, 3 Judges ka kehna tha Mazeed tehqeeqat ki zarort hai. Qatri letter ko reject ker dia gia.   To More...

Punjab mai Corruption: PML(N) K Aksareyati Izla Corruption Rokny mai Nakam

punjab corruption

Punjab mai koi bhi zila corruption rokny mai kamyab na ho saka. Lahore, Rawalpindi aur Faisalabad corrution rokny mai Akhri number per.  More...


8 Celebrity Facelifts Gone Wrong Before and After

Murphy’s Law states that “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” While facelifts can greatly improve a celebrity’s facial appearance, it can result More...

Unique Wedding Ideas, Hire Fresno Photo Booth For Wedding

Every single person wants to make their special events memorable with beautiful photos and videos. Now its a trend to hire a photographer company or a photographer specialist More...

America ny Afghanistan Per Sub Sy Bara Taqatwar Bomb Gira Dia


America ny Afghanistan Per Sub Sy Bara Taqatwar Bomb Gira Dia. Hamla Afghanistan mai Pakistani sarhad k kareeb kia gia. More...

America ny Shaam per Dobara Hamla Kia to Jawab sy Nahi Bachy Ga: Iran

iran warns USA on Syria attack

Sham per hamly ky baad Iran ny America ko saaf alfaz mai Dhamki dy daali. Iran ka kehna hai k agar dobara Sham More...

led-vintage-light-bulb The Vintage LED Bulb: An effective way to save electricity

Good quality LED bulbs have left other newly erupting lighting technologies back in the race that...

legacy application modernization What and Why Legacy Application Modernization

It requires to modernize the hardware as well as the software and along with this legacy...


Today, Industrial Network Security relates to the protection of systems and internal components from malicious attacks...

Dengue fever: Symptoms, treatments, and prevention


Dengue Fever is a mosquito borne disease which is very painful and caused by one of the four different dengue More...

Simpe Diets To Prevent ACNE

Acne is a common condition that affects the hair follicles of the face and common to both boys and girls especially..

  How To Stay Fit Without Going To The Gym

Tired of going to the gym after a long day at the office or you don’t have the financial muscle to..

Why iPage is best web hosting service for WordPress


For bloggers and website owners, traffic is the key to success. More traffic they get on their blog or website More...

Professional Whatsapp Hacker legit Hackers for Hire

It’s being a long time that world is facing hacking problems on their digital devices and this is the main reason..

What is VPN and what VPN are best performing in 2017-18

You might have heard about the term VPN in your school or college life during your computer’s lecture or while discussing..

What is the future of of Custom website developers

web developers uk Web development has been changed a lot during past few years with the new advancement in technology, hardware and programming languages...
nazeer naji

Putin Ka Dehshat Gardi Ke Liye Naram Gosha – Nazeer Naji

Putin Ka Dehshat Gardi Ke Liye Naram Gosha - Nazeer Naji..
abdul qadir

Hamari Siasat Aor Siyasatdan – Abdul Qadir Hassan

Hamari Siasat Aor Siyasatdan - Abdul Qadir Hassan..
saleem safi

General Kayani, General Raheel Aur Pti – Saleem Safi

General Kayani, General Raheel Aur Pti - Saleem Safi..