Apple Need to Introduce Dual SIM Function and 5” Screen Size in the iPhone 6


When Apple introduced iPhone first time, it was the different times, and the Smartphone market has come a long way since then. Every day, we hear something new, companies like Samsung, Nokia, and HTC are introducing. Apple also needs to change their strategy, and more emphasize on the emerging Asian markets. In Asia, the expectations of people are different, as they use the Smartphone as a multipurpose device. In order to capture the largest market share, Apple need to make some changes and must include the required features in the future model of iPhone like Dual SIM availability, if they want to survive in the emerging Asian markets like Chine and India. Following are some key features that people love to see in the upcoming models of the iPhone:-   

Screen Size up to 5”

The screen size is the name of the game in Asian market when we talk about the expensive Smartphone. One reason Apple’s iPhone couldn’t get the required attention from the people in Asian countries is, its competitors like Samsung are providing large screen in their top mobiles. One problem that Apple may face is, the iPhone is their premier brand, and unlike other companies, they have to meet the demands of the target market by making changes according to the expectations of the people. Smartphone users not only watch the movies, share family pictures on the social media, and play games on their iPhone, but they also use it as a status symbol in the Asian countries. If Apple shows reluctance in increasing the size of their upcoming iPhone 6 up to 5 inches, they couldn’t capture the considerable share of the Smartphone market.

Dual SIM Feature

In Asia, it is easier for people to buy more than one SIM card, and most people prefer to use the multiple SIM cards to enjoy the offers of the different networks. This feature was first introduced by the Chinese mobiles, but become extremely popular among the people, and by looking at the response of the people, many of the leading Smartphone companies introduced the dual SIM functionality in their top mobiles. For example, Galaxy Note 3 from Samsung that is available in the price range of Rs. 60,000 is available with the dual SIM feature. Besides that, HTC also introduced the dual SIM capability in many of their top Smartphone models. Apple has yet to introduce dual SIM feature in the iPhone, and now it is the best time to respond the expectation of the iPhone lovers. In the Asian countries, it becomes unavoidable now for the manufacturers to avoid the dual SIM feature if they want to increase their market share in this emerging market of the Smartphone.

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