Published On: Sun, Nov 6th, 2016

Common Causes Of Miscarriage

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A miscarriage is a spontaneous abortion of unborn child before the 20th week; it results in end of the fetus life even before it could be able to survive. A fetus is considered UN survivable if it weighs less than 500 grams .Some miscarriages occur even before women can recognize they were pregnant. Symptoms of miscarriages include things such as spotting or bleeding at the cervix; the bleeding may last for several weeks and eventually result in the discharge of the entire pregnant.

Whenever a woman is pregnant  and discovers that she is quite   dizzy throughout  can be  a sign of concern and one need to seeks medical attention ,the main  worry here would to prevent one to fall resulting in injuring oneself and the baby. Braxton hicks contraction  are one of the   symptoms of miscarriages .Cramps that are two strong and feel like menstrual cramps  could be a sign of a miscarriage.

Sporadic miscarriages are usually caused by chromosomal abnormalities  in the developing baby  ,in this case the baby might be having a  problem with the chromosomes .A baby lost through miscarriage may be a having a problem with chromosomes such as  extra chromosomes or missing of genes that cause  the baby to stop  developing and eventually  to be miscarried.

Diabetes in  a pregnant woman if not controlled can lead to serious condition such as miscarriages  it can also lead to have major  birth defects  thus good control of blood sugar is very vital.Homornal factors may be associated with high risks  of miscarriages  ,research has shown that  inadequate function  of corpus luteum which produces progesterone  necessary for the maintenance  may lead to miscarriages.

Malformation or scaring of the uterus is known to contribute to miscarriages; this usually results in the inability of the unborn baby to properly grow. If more than one miscarriage to a woman before full term the obstetrician may perform examination like ultra sounds to find if there is any malfunction in the uterus. Exposure to illness   such as measles are said to cause severe malformation of the unborn child or a miscarriage in mild instances.

Lupus is an autoimmune  disorder    that can create a  situation where  normal cells  that control immunity  are not able to distinguish  between germs  and body organs ,this may cause  the cells  to attack  the embryo  rendering to be unsustainable. Weakness of the cervix can render it in adequate to hold on to a pregnancy and this usually occurs between the 14th and 16th week. Avoiding of alcohol and cigarrete smoking can save you some blushes of A MISCARRIAGE

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