Published On: Wed, May 3rd, 2017

A Guide To Buy Second Hand Laptops in Hanoi

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If you are willing to buy a second hand laptop in Hanoi then there are lot of options where you can go and choose a best used laptop for your use. You can find thousands of shops in Ly Nam De street, Chua Lang Street and many other locations. You can find more than 50 computers, laptops and mobile shops in a single stree and dozens of laptop streets/markets are there in Hanoi. These thousands of shops sell new and used laptops, and if we talk in Vietnamese language then “laptop cu ha noi” which means sell used or second hand laptops in Hanoi.

I would suggest before going to any street or any market, you should search online for different available models those are available with in your budget and also can fulfill your need. First of all you need to sort out what type of laptop you need, what should be its processor speed, how much RAM you require, what should be the size of hard disk and whether you need a traditional low speed hard drive or you need a fast storage media like SSD which is costly but provide high speed. You should also see if you need the laptop for gaming purpose or just for office work.

After selecting few models which can fulfill your needs, you should then search online for different retailers or individual sellers. You should find your selected models on online stores of different retailers like online websites or you can also search for different sites where individual sellers can list their product for selling purpose. You can find a lot of laptops of your choice from these sites. Though it is not safe to buy from an individual seller, but it is good to check to get an idea what should be the reasonable price in the market for your selected models.

Once you get a good idea of prices, then you can visit only few shops, preferably those who have online presence and have websites, and they also have your selected laptop. You can go to those selected shops which you have already visited by going to their website and then straightforward you can ask for your selected model and can negotiate with the seller about its price by telling them about different offers from different shop owners on their online websites or demands of different individual sellers.

In this way, you can buy the best laptop with in your range in very reason able price without visiting hundreds of shops in the streets of Hanoi. You have already done the hard work now just you need to hunt for the targeted shops that might be in different streets, but at least you already new which shop has model of your choice.

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