How to play Golf? A complete guide for Beginners


Golf is a great game to play for all ages because it has a lot of exercise for whole body and also you keep breathing in fresh air with beautiful locations. If you want to learn how to play golf then this is the best guide for you as a beginners.

Basics of Golf

The objective of the GOLF is to hit the ball with a long handle stick which is called club and you need to put the ball with the help of club in all the holes in golf course in a specific order with the minimum number of shots. There are usually 9 or 18 total holes in the golf golf course. Every time a player hits the ball with club he gets 1 point and the person who put the ball into all holes with minimum number of shots wins the game it means in Golf lower score is better. Different terms are used in Golf for scoring like Par, Bogeys, Birdie, Eagle and Hole in one.

Along with these a range finder is also used to find the range between the point where ball is placed to the hole. For better understanding see more about rangefinder for long range shooting.

Golf course normally consists of 5 parts like Fairway which is the shortest path from tee box to Green where as Rough is the less groomed area that borders on the fairway. Green or Putting Green is are where the hole for each fairway is located while Teeing are is the are fro where golfer have to hit the first shot. Hazards which are also called traps to make the game difficult. Usually Sand traps and few water bodies are used as a hazard or a trap.

There are three different types of clubs are used Wood for the long distance shots, Iron for medium range shots where as Putter for more precise shots normally used to put the ball in hole in Green area.

Learn Proper Golf Swing

Proper golf swing mean hitting the ball properly is the key to success and the first thing you should learn for proper swing is your stance. Your body and legs should be relaxed and flexible for a proper swing and you should stand to the side of golf ball and bend slightly towards the ball and push your hips back and use both hands to hold the golf club. Now bring the club up and move your chest in the direction of your hands and then swing your club to hit the ball hard and move your hips a little bit in opposite direction. It will help you to use maximum power of your body and maintain the balance as well.

After hitting the ball allow your body to move along the motion of club and don’t stop the hands forcefully. Your body should be flexible during all this process.

Complete Your Game

You have to start the game from Tee box and it can be done by using a small ball stand made up of plastic or wood which is also called a tee. It is up to the player whether they want to use that stand or not. After hitting the ball from tee box now you need to follow the order and to put the ball in hole in green area. In this process if ball is stuck in rough area or sand trap the player has to hit the ball from same location without moving the ball. While if ball goes to water body then ball can be moved up to the length of two golf clubs. But it will add an extra point to the player’s score which is harmful for the player as in Golf, player with less points is the winner. With all this process you should calculate the range carefully. Click to read golf rangefinder with slope to know exactly how much force you need for each shot.