Best Media Player That Supports Multi Formats for Mac OS X

elmedia player for mac

There are various media formats available for video and audio media files and sometimes it happens that you need to install different media players to support different media formats. This is not a good option to install different players for different formats as people might get frustrated by changing the players every time they need to watch a movie or to listen a song. One more problem that can arise in this situation is that you can’t create your favorite play list because your favorite list might contain different media formats which might not be supported by the player.

The solution is to get a single media player that can support multi formats and for both audio and video medial files. The advantage to have such a player in your programs list is that you can watch all your favorite videos and can listen your favorite music using single media player and you can save your favorite lists as well.

Elmedia Player is universal video player that guarantees a perfectly smooth HD experience and it is compatible with your Mac OS X.

This universal media player supportsĀ FLV, MP4, AVI, MOV, DAT, MKV, MP3, FLAC, M4V common formats for video files and many other formats which are less common also supported by Elmedia Player. You can play your HD videos using this brilliant media player and you will find a smooth playback experience and there would be no interruptions at all or you won’t face any problem of playing the video with slow speed because of its high quality. Even if your original video file have sync problem in audio and video, Elmedia player can fix that as well with its built in features and you can still enjoy the video.

Best thing about this player is that you don’t need to install any extra plugins or codecs to support more formats or to add additional features. Everything that you need is already available in this media player just install it on your mac and enjoy your HD videos in any format.