Top 10 Most Beautiful Natural Lakes of the World

most beautiful natural lakes in world

Lakes are the beautiful water reservoirs which are basically surrounded by land from all sides. The natures is fully loaded with many amazing and beautiful landscapes on earth that were enhancing the beauty of natures. Ocean and lake can be differentiated by their flow of water as the water of ocean is flowing continuously and the lake’s water is More...

by Syed Faran Akhtar | Published 1 month ago
htc 4g mobile u play
By Syed Faran Akhtar On Friday, January 20th, 2017

Upcoming HTC 4G Mobile “HTC U Play” Everything You Need

We all know that Samsung, Huawei and Oppo have captured the Indian & Pakistani mobile market with their best camera phones and affordable prices, where as there are some local brands as well that have some More...

Nokia 6 record registration
By Syed Faran Akhtar On Thursday, January 19th, 2017

Nokia 6 crossed 1 million registrations for its first flash sale in China

The well-known smartphone company Nokia appeared with its latest Android flagship device Nokia 6 that has attracted a large number of its fans. Nokia 6 has recorded 1 million registration on a Chinese e-commerce More...

By Syed Faran Akhtar On Monday, November 7th, 2016

Simpe Diets To Prevent ACNE

Acne is a common condition that affects the hair follicles of the face and common to both boys and girls especially at their puberty stage appearing as red spots on the face surface. It is characterized by an More...

stay fit without going to gym
By Syed Faran Akhtar On Sunday, November 6th, 2016

  How To Stay Fit Without Going To The Gym

Tired of going to the gym after a long day at the office or you don’t have the financial muscle to enroll in the nearby gym? There is nothing to worry as you can be able to stay fit without necessary having to More...

By Syed Faran Akhtar On Sunday, November 6th, 2016

Common Causes Of Miscarriage

A miscarriage is a spontaneous abortion of unborn child before the 20th week; it results in end of the fetus life even before it could be able to survive. A fetus is considered UN survivable if it weighs less than More...

By Syed Faran Akhtar On Sunday, November 6th, 2016

Postpartum Care – Taking Care of Mother After Birth

Postpartum is the period that begins immediately after a mother gives birth and usually accompanied by physical emotional and behavioral changes lasting between six and eight weeks. This period requires a lot of More...

By Syed Faran Akhtar On Thursday, November 3rd, 2016

Start Your Business With Just 10,000 Rupees

  Credit:  More...

copper mule mugs
By Syed Faran Akhtar On Sunday, October 23rd, 2016

Where can I buy copper mugs? Best options provided here!

Having some of the best quality mule mugs in your home reveals your true love for Moscow mule. Your desire for possessing the best collection of mule cups in your home bar makes you wonder from where can I buy copper More...

By Syed Faran Akhtar On Saturday, October 1st, 2016

Online shopping for house: Just follow these steps!

When you are planning to sale a home, the more eyes you put on the product, the better you get in setting up the deal. Therefore, when you are putting an advertisement for your home on the internet, there is no More...