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What is the future of of Custom website developers

web developers uk

Web development has been changed a lot during past few years with the new advancement in technology, hardware and programming languages. If you go 5 to 7 years back, most of the website developers were using PHP or ASP.Net as their web development language along with different other supporting languages like JAVA and C#. But now development becomes very easy after the introduction and improvement of different content management systems. Joomla and Magento were two widely used CMS during past few years because of their easy to understand interface and ecommerce functionalities. But these were bit different and now WordPress content management system is the number one CMS that is used for web development by various developers.


Due the increasing use of these CMS many developers are conscious about their future as custom website development is not that much important as it was years ago, those developers who love to do coding and want to develop their own modules using PHP or asp.net codes they are worried due to the increasing use of CMS because using these CMS newbie can create a fully functional website in minutes which becoming the main reason of decreasing demand of customer website developers.

Also those who want to learn a programming language now they also hesitate to start learning core languages and they also prefer to learn the CMS and start getting projects for web development. But if you ask me about the future of custom website developers, then I would say that it’s still bright if they just change the way of their working a little bit. You can find many online or permanent jobs in software houses in different areas and different countries. If you search for Web Developer Jobs UK, you will find many job openings in UK alone who wants to hire a custom web developer who can develop a website from scratch with custom coding.

The reason behind this is the security issues with different content management systems. A custom website doesn’t use free plugins and themes which have security holes for hackers and different viruses whereas custom website doesn’t have free plugins and they are safe and also performs better. But still if you have reservation about the future of custom developer then you should use your coding expertise to develop new plugins for these content management systems. You can increase your revenue by providing free plugins (with limited features) to newbie developers and then by promoting your plugins and by introducing advanced features in pro version you can still compete with others.