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10 Mosques in Turkey That are Considered Architectural Wonders

Last updated on January 22, 2023

Mosques in Turkey

Turkey is a remarkable travel destination that is located in both Europe and Asia. It is replete with historic landmarks that have been left behind by a long line of conquerors and are endowed with breathtaking scenery that always surprise visitors.

Its magnificent landscapes, from the sun-drenched Mediterranean sea to the mighty mountains and arid steppe, as well as its beautiful mosques, are the top sites to visit in Turkey.

Turkey is known for its colorful culture, wonderful cuisine, and rich history. With that, it is a country with a lot of beautiful grand mosques.

Hagia Sophia

This cultural site is protected by UNESCO, and it is known for being a repository of age-old knowledge. The bulk of Istanbul’s neighborhoods has witnessed a significant mix of religious traditions over the course of recent history.

The Hagia Sophia mosque in Turkey is a church from the sixth century that was reconstructed as a mosque by Ottoman Turks and later secularized; it is now considered to be of significant historical worth as it has a museum as well.

A trip to this museum, which is among the best tourist attractions in Turkey, is a wonderful way to enrich your mind throughout your time in the country.

When you go to the museum, keep in mind that the construction of Hagia Sophia took only six years to complete. This is an important fact.

To visit this Church com Mosque, you can get a Turkey visa for US citizens and can witness this historical architectural wonder.

The Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque

One of the most well-known places of worship in Turkey is the Blue Mosque. Another name of the Mosque is Sultan Ahmed Mosque. During the time of the Ottoman Empire, this building served as an imperial mosque.

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It is a fully operational mosque that also draws a significant number of tourists each year.

It is in close proximity to the Hagia Sophia, which served as Istanbul’s principal mosque prior to the Blue Mosque, which is now a well-known tourist site as well in Turkey.

Pay close attention to the detailed floral work on the mosque. Different flowers such as roses, tulips, and more are carved on the mosque making it appear gorgeous and rich. This stunning mosque features domes and a color scheme that is blue.

New Mosque (Valide Sultan Mosque)

The Ottoman dynasty is responsible for the construction of Turkey’s New Mosque, which is currently considered to be among the country’s largest mosques. Its original name was “Valide Sultan Mosque”, which means “Queen Mother Mosque”.

The name was given because of Suntan Mehmet III’s mother at her request as she wanted to honor her son’s succession to the throne. The construction of the building began in 1597 and lasted until 1665.

Kocatepe Mosque

This mosque, built in an Ottoman style, is the largest in Turkey and took more than 20 years to complete. It is an absolute necessity that you include it in your tour package of Turkey.

Kocatepe is visible from all points within the city due to the fact that the mosque dominates the landscape and stands taller than any other building there.

You are welcome to attend the tranquil prayer space at the mosque, which is housed within the beautiful building that oozes hope. The enormous size of the mosque and the majestic way it is constructed allow it to be seen from virtually every part of the city.

Bursa Grand Mosque

The Grand Mosque of Bursa was constructed during the reign of the Ottoman Empire between the years 1396 and 1399.

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Glimpses of Ottoman architecture can be seen in this mosque which was significantly inspired by the architectural style of Seljuk. Twenty individual domes comprise the roof made of metal.

The greatest place to view Islamic calligraphy is shown on the walls and columns inside the mosque. You can apply for an urgent visa for Turkey so that you can visit these beautiful mosques.

Sehzade Mosque

Finished in 1548, the Sehzade Mosque, also known as the Prince’s Mosque, was the first large building undertaken by Mimar Sinan, an imperial architect.

Architectural historians consider it the first masterpiece by Sinan that depicts the classical Ottoman architectural style. They consider it to be his most important work.

Since this was Sinan’s first major building project, you can still see him developing his design approach, such as the use of substantial columns to address concerns about the building’s structural stability.

This mosque, in contrast to the often simple and understated ornamentation that can be seen in the majority of mosques, is lavishly decorated with elaborate designs.

Divrigi Grand Mosque

One of the most well-known mosques in Turkey is built on a hill overlooking the little town of Divine. This mosque has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to the superb craftsmanship that was put into its construction.

The stone entrances to the mosque are maybe the structure’s most recognizable characteristic. The four doors, one of which is 14 meters tall, are exquisitely carved reliefs of flower themes, geometric patterns, and animal designs.

Unquestionably, these are the pinnacles of architectural achievement in the Islamic tradition.

Suleymaniye Mosque

Suleymaniye Mosque

The Suleymaniye Mosque is among the largest mosque in Istanbul and is widely regarded as one of the most recognizable landmarks in all of Turkey. It is the second-largest mosque in Istanbul.

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Sultan Suleiman’s tomb, the tomb of his beloved wife Hurrem, and the tomb of Mimar Sinan were constructed on the orders of Suleyman between 1550 and 1558. These tombs are located inside the grounds of this complex.

During his reign as the great Sultan Suleiman (Suleiman The Magnificent), this mosque, which stands as a tall icon of the golden age of the Ottoman Caliphate, was ordered to be built by Suleyman.

Rustem Pasha Mosque

A magnificent architectural gem, the Rustem Pasha Mosque is a bit of a well-kept secret.

The experience of finding this small mosque in the middle of a crowded neighborhood is matched by the spectacular beauty that can be found on the inside, so it’s absolutely worth the effort to find it, even though it can be a bit challenging.

The construction of Rustem Pasha Mosque started in 1561 and was completed after 2 years in 1563. It is home to some of the most impressive examples of Iznik tiles that can be found in Istanbul.

The use of Iznik Tiles in Ottoman interior design is a distinctive trademark that has a strong connection to the politics, propaganda, and development of the empire throughout that time period.

Mimar Sinan Mosque

The stunning architecture of the Mimar Sinan Mosque is a perfect example of the ideal synthesis of the Ottoman mosque style, which is characterized by graceful piled domes that ascend to the heavens and high, thin pencil minarets.

A gathering of up to 10,000 individuals might take place inside of the mosque, which has a total area of 36,758 square meters and an enclosed area of 2,808 square meters.


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