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3 Best Free Keyword Research Tools To Run Better SEO Campaign

best keyword research tools

When we use the term “Free SEO Tool”, don’t take it as those SEO tools that most of the people use for link building purposes. If you use SEO tools that are used for mass link building then you have to create your links from low quality websites and you might also use same anchor text and the same description. Google will consider this work as a spam and it will never give you good rankings. In fact, you could be penalized from Google’s index, because link building done with these free SEO tools will be considered as Black Hat SEO.


So you should always use manual link building methods for link building so that it could be considered as White Hat SEO. But there are some Free SEO tools that you should use in your SEO campaigns. But remember these tools are not meant to create backlinks. These are to make a better strategy for link building and to monitor your SEO campaign results. These tools have nothing to do with the link building work.

Google Keyword Planner

Many of the SEO experts and beginners are familiar with the Google’s Keyword Planner tool. Basically, this is a free SEO tool offered by Google’s Adwords program to search for the right keywords to target for the Adword’s campaign. But by using this tool you can easily find good keywords which can provide you relevant traffic. You provide one or more keywords and then this tool show you the relevant keywords to your seed keywords along with their average monthly searches, competition, suggested bid and some more information.

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Keyword Planner Google

This is a good tool for keyword researching but the problem with the tool is that it doesn’t provide the exact volume search as it shows in 100 to 1K searches, then 1K to 10K searches and so on. The other problem with this tool, it is difficult to find the long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are easy to rank and can provide more relevant traffic.

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Mangools KWFinder Tool

KWFinder is also another free keyword research tool provided by Mangools. It provides all the information that you can get from Google’s Keyword Planner tool and the best thing about this tools is that you can find the long tail keywords as well from KWFinder. It will research best long tail keywords to target your local area and will give you exact volume search along with CPC and suggested bid. It will also inform you what would be the competition to rank that keyword on the front page of Google search.

kwfinder keyword research tool
Image taken from: SEMRush

One more good features of KWFinder is that it will also show the Google Trend data for all the keywords which is very good to know that which keyword is trending these days and which keyword you should select for getting instant traffic as the popularity of that keyword. You can say that KWFinder is one of the best search engine optimization tools as it also provides the SEO rank report for the competitors with different keywords. Like you have to click on the suggested keyword and it will show you the top 10 website search results along with other SEO analysis for those websites from where you can get an idea that how much work would be required to beat those websites if you select that particular keyword.

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If you want to know, how you can use this tool, and to learn all the features of this free keyword research tool you must visit

Keyword Tool

Another free keyword research tool is “Keyword Tool” which is good to find the long tail keywords in no time. This tool generates the data by taking records of Google’s autocompleted key searches. When you search in, it shows you suggestions as you start typing, Keyword tool provides you these suggestions. There would be many keywords which you can’t find using Google’s Keyword Planner, so you must use Keyword Tool with Keyword Planner tool as well for getting a better list of your targeted keywords.

Keyword tool

Keyword Tool is free to use for up to 750 words, after that you have to buy its pro version. You can search the long tail keyword for Google, YouTube, Bing, Amazon, and App store as well.

The above mentioned 3 free keyword research tools are best for the startups and every blogger or a business should use these three keywords tool to find the best longtail keyphrases to target their SEO campaign.


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