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3 Blogging Ideas for Pakistani Girls To Make Money Online

Pakistani girls blogging idea make money online

In progressive Pakistan women and girls are playing their role actively. You can find working women in every field of life, but the bad thing is that girls and women are allowed to work outside home only in big cities like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad and some more cities like these. Women of less developed cities or rural areas are not allowed to go outside of their home to work and to earn money. This article is for such girls who can’t do any job but they want to earn money to cover their home expenses.


The best thing a girl or a housewife in Pakistan can earn money is by creating their own blog. Blogging is fun if you start a blog with your passion. Pakistani girls are very talented and they can do many things online as a freelancer or blogger but the problem is that they are not aware of their abilities. In this article, I will give some ideas for the girls of Pakistan that can help them in understanding what they can do without getting a job.

Before girls can create their blog with these simple ideas, they need to create their professional eye-catching blog on WordPress. Blogger is also a good platform but that has limited features whereas WordPress is resource rich and can be more effective to become a successful blogger.

Interested girls and housewives can learn how to setup a WordPress site in less than 60 minutes. Just follow the instructions provided in the article and your first WordPress website will be ready in no time. Or if you feel that it is difficult to follow the instruction in the article then you can watch this video tutorial on how to create a blog using WordPress.

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Here you have the ideas on which you can start blogging without any problem:


Start a Cooking/Food Blog

Almost every Pakistani girl and a housewife is a good cook. There is no doubt in it. Pakistani food is very delicious and famous all around the world. Girls make the food at home every day and every girl have some special recipe as well. If you are interested in starting your cooking blog, it would be super easy for you as a girl. You can prepare your special dish with a new style and different recipe every week. You can write down the ingredients and complete guide to prepare the dish in easy steps if you know the basic English.

cooking blog

No special writing skills are required for this purpose. Give a unique and attractive name to your dish, take some good pictures when making the food and after you have done, present your new dish in a good way and take some more pictures.

You can also make a video with a good camera (usually everyone has at least a good mobile camera which is enough to record a good HD video) of the whole process. It will have an extra advantage for the blogging. You can use these pictures and video in your blog post along with your writing and also you can use the video to create your own YouTube channel which can also be monetized to earn money.


Start a Mehndi Design or Nail Art Blog

More than 90% Pakistani girls love to apply mehndi patterns on hands and arms on different occasions. Whether it be Eid festivals or a marriage ceremony, girls apply Mehndi/Henna designs on hands and feets. Few girls also have good skills to apply the patterns on hands of other girls. So if you also have skills to apply Mehndi, you can create your own Mehndi design or Henna design blog. You can promote your services in your local area and colony, even you an offer to apply free mehndi designs which will attract many girls and they will come to your house to get your service. You can tell them that you have to record a video which will cover only the hand on which you are applying the mehndi. With the permission of those girls, you can record your videos and then put these videos on your Mehndi design blog and YouTuble Channel.

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Mehndi Henna Blog

Same is the case with nail art or other makeup or hairstyle skills. If you are good at makeup or making hairstyles, you can create your own videos with the permission of those girls whose videos you are going to publish online. Usually, there are many small beauty salons on every street, this is a good idea for working girls in these salons as well. But don’t forget to take the permission of your clients before you record their videos.

Create a DIY Blog

Many Pakistani girls especially housewives have some special tricks to make useful things out of scrap or different tricks and tips to solve different day to day issues which are called “Totkay” in a local language. So if you are good at providing some good ideas to make useful things from scrap or you are good at providing free “Totkay” then you can create your DIY (Do it yourself) blog and you will find that many other girls will be interested in visiting your blog to find some useful tips. Taking pictures and recording video tutorials is also key to success in a DIY blog.


Conclusion: These are only three ideas which can be helpful for Pakistani girls and they can easily create their own blog and can make money from these blogs very easily. No extra training is required for this work. Just you need to make a good use of social media to get followers who visit your blog for every new post and mostly girls know how to use Facebook and other social media. Even if you are the one who is interested in creating your blog but don’t know how to promote that, then this article will help you to use Instagram effectively. For organic traffic, you should learn how to find the profitable, rankable keywords.

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Here is a complete guide to how you can get more traffic to your new blog? Just follow these basic tips and decide yourself about what you are good at. Depending on that decision start your first blog and start monetizing that to make money out of your content.


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