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3 Reasons Why VPS Hosting is Better Than Shared Hosting

Shared hosting vs VPS Server

There is not a big difference between a shared hosting and a VPS hosting servers. Overall both servers have same resources and same power (may have differences because of a good and a bad hosting provider) and same resources. Different websites are hosted on both servers using the resources and disk space of the same machine. The basic difference among both the servers is that, in shared hosting, different websites are sharing the overall resources and disk space of the server. While on a VPS hosting, the storage space and other server resources are divided (not shared) between different websites.

One can easily understand the difference, by the names given to both the servers. It is very clear that shared hosting means different websites are sharing the same server and VPS means it is acting as a private server for different websites virtually. Here I will mention 3 main reasons which make VPS hosting servers better than shared hosting servers.

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VPS Server Provides Better Resources

When we talk about the server resources like RAM, Processor, and storage space, a shared server has limitations for the websites hosted on it. This limitation can’t be described on a shared server and sometimes you can get higher resources while some other times you might see your website down even when it is not using many resources. But in any case, you can’t utilize the resources higher than the maximum allowed.

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On the other hand on a Shared Hosting server, your website will be allowed to use more resources as compared to the shared server. Though there will be a limitation as well, but overall, your website can utilize much higher resources on a VPS server.

Website Have Good Performance on VPS Servers

You can understand this easily with this basic example. If a server has total ram of 1GB and there are 3 websites hosted on that server, all three sites can share the RAM usage. If your site is getting high traffic and it needs more RAM while other sites don’t need many resources, you can consume more than 500 MB while other two sites might be using 200MB and/or 300MB RAM each. While some other time, if another site is also getting high traffic and it is using more than 500MB RAM, then you can’t have the same RAM as your site was using previously.

So if other sites are getting a high volume of traffic and consuming more part of the RAM, your site’s performance might be affected due to other websites.

While on a VPS server, this 1GB RAM will be divided among all the three websites. No website will be able to consume more than 333MB of RAM. So if one website is getting high traffic and it needs more than 333MB of RAM, only that particular site will be affected and it will go down because of insufficient resources while other two websites, including yours, will enjoy the same speed at the same time.

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To maximize the performance of a VPS server, it is suggested that you use the server location wisely. If you live in South Africa then your first preference should be the VPS servers hosted in South Africa to minimize the data travel distance. Like, my own website has maximum traffic from Pakistan, so I get the server hosted in Singapore (because there are no servers available hosted in Pakistan) which is closest to the location from where my website accessed most of the times.

VPS Servers are More Secure

Because you are not sharing the disk space with anyone else in the world, your site and your personal data will remain safe on a VPS server if one website gets hacked. But on a shared server, the same disk space is shared among different sites so shared servers are more vulnerable towards hacking and other data theft issues.

So, based on the above three points, anyone can understand why VPS hosting is better than the shared hosting. If you are planning to get a VPS South Africa server, just make it sure that how much resources you are getting in your package and what is the demand of your website. VPS servers are recommended for the professionals if their website is getting high traffic and need more server resources.

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