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3 Tips for Choosing the Right SEO Agency

SEO Agency

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is one of the most important and worthwhile investments that you can make for your company. Whether you’re a boutique business or an international corporation, you won’t get far in the digital sphere without SEO.


The increasing virtualisation of our world is not slowing down any time soon, so investing in your online presence, performance and audience, really is essential. There’s an abundance of services, agencies, and individuals who boast impressive SEO results, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of options very quickly.

If you’re thinking of making the wise move towards finding an SEO agency, here’s 3 tips that will ensure that you source the right one for your business:

Explore portfolios, older clients and history

When you begin your search for the ideal SEO agency, you might notice that their websites have a client or portfolio section. This can be easy to gloss over when you’re reading line after line of success stories and promises however, you should always make a point to explore these sections.

An agency’s former and current clients will provide you with an insight into the kinds of brands that the company is familiar with strategising for. A great idea is to choose an agency that has one or two clients that are of a similar size, demographics, or service to you.

With an agency that’s experienced in your field, you can feel confident that your business’ outreach, audience, and digital presence will be understood properly.

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List your goals

Before you speak with any agency, it’s important to compile a cohesive list of expectations, goals and most importantly, numbers. It’s all well and good to vaguely want your converted clicks to rise, but you need to be both specific and realistic about your tangible results.

Write down what you want your business’ SEO strategy to accomplish, this can range from a wider outreach, higher rankings or better conversion rates. Always keep in mind that SEO plans do not see results overnight, so manage your expectations according to roughly a six-month period.


The strategist that you speak with can clarify how they can deliver on your goals over this preliminary period, and into the future.

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Ask questions

The key to finding the right SEO agency to work with is ensuring that you and your strategist are both on the same page. For this to happen, you need to feel free to ask as many questions as you might have. A few great queries to put forward include:

How will you choose my keywords?

What results do you expect from this strategy?

What time period do you foresee for results?

Do you have experience with a similar brand?

How much of your work is done internally?

By asking and getting the answers that you want, you’ll find that you’re making the right connection for you.

SEO Australia wide is here to stay. Make sure that you stand out from the crowd with a specialist SEO strategy that is made to fit your business’ unique needs!

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