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4 Easy Tips for Picking the Perfect Sofa Table


The sofa table is the hidden style gem of the living area. It can act as a design enhancer, storage solution or double as both. With a sofa table, the scaling of your home can be saved and a level of functionality can be added to make your house one of not only practicalities but the personality!

Designing your home is not simply pick and choosing furniture and accessories you like, it is a journey. A sofa table is an opportunity to make your journey different as it is a unique furniture piece that not every person decides to include in their home.

But, if you are interested in setting apart from the crowd and building a home that is original in style and theme, a sofa table is the way to go!

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sofa tips

1. Size Matters

When finding your perfect sofa table, measure up your room. Measure the couch that your sofa table will accompany and select your table based on these measurements. Depending on the purpose of your table and what will be placed on the table, choose the size.

Generally, the table should either be at level with the couch or slightly taller than the couch. Never shorter than the couch.

This is a balance that is easy on the eye and will create harmony in scale.

living-room-sofa-size tips

2. Focus on Placement

Have a think about where your sofa table will be placed.

Traditionally, sofa & console tables belong behind the couch. They operate as a surface to place accessories like photographs and pot plants. In this position, it will also make the back of the couch more attractive.

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But the positioning of a sofa table is not strict. Often people will place their table between a couch and wall. Other uses would be as a room divider, hallway table or a buffet in the dining room. The placement will determine its practicality in the home.

Sofa placement tips

3. What is the Function?

What is the purpose of your sofa table? Will it be used for extra storage space or will it be used purely for design reasons or an opportunity to fill up open space? Your answer will help direct your decision making.

If you hope for your sofa table to assist in storage space, choose a table that has many draws and shelves. You can then stack all your belongings and create a tidy and organized look throughout your home.

What will you be placed on top of your sofa table? Heavy objects like glass and vases need a strong material that is not easily damaged. A wooden table is a great option for this purpose! Wood is versatile as it can come in many colors, meaning it can aid different themes. Otherwise, a glass table is stylish and complements a mid-century modern themed home.

sofa function tips

4. Style to Your Taste

As always, choose a sofa table that represents your style and contributes to the character in your home. Every piece of furniture must be an opportunity to enhance your home and make it one that you love. Colour, texture, and shape are the elements that will build personality.

If you choose to purchase a sofa table that is simple and plain, decorate it with art and take advantage of accessories. Make bold choices and step outside your comfort zone. Decorating is about reflecting who you are through a means or art, so don’t hold back.

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Take a step in the opposite direction and choose a sofa table that is unusual and completely original to the rest. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on a table that is thriving in color and pattern grab it while you can and implement the mix and match look into your home.

sofa style

Sofa tables should not be forgotten. They add an element to your home that no other piece of furniture can, so make the choice one that amplifies your home’s style and embraces another opportunity to represent yourself through design.

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