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5 Best Post-Workout Natural Energy Drinks That Actually Work

Last updated on October 8, 2019

post-workout natural drinks

When you spend a lot of work on your work out, you will lose your energy and your muscles will become less energetic. Thus, you need to have some instant energy food or drink after your workout to get your energy back.

To recover a post-workout, a complex combination of carbs and proteins is ideal but obviously, you can’t carry chicken and brown rice all the time. So, some energy drinks will provide you the solution to this problem and you can get instant energy for the muscles with these post-workout energy drinks.

Remember, for good health and a good diet, you have to avoid the processed drinks and should rely only on natural low added sugar weight loss drinks.

Chocolate milk

Post Workout Chocolate Milk

It is observed that the athletes who drink chocolate milk can recover the energy in less time as compared to those who drink regular sports drinks or other known energy drinks.

The reason why chocolate milk is best post-workout energy drink is that its composition is perfect that is 4:1 of carbs and proteins. Mix one and a half teaspoon of unsweetened cocoa with the 8 ounces of milk to prepare your instant post-workout energy drink.

You can also sprinkle MAJU’s Moringa Oleifera powder on the chocolate milk which will add extra health benefits and protect you from various chronic diseases.

Coconut Water


Coconut water is a hydrating drink which is rich in potassium, magnesium, and antioxidants. The sodium content is very less in coconut as compared to other processed sports drinks. During your workout, the loss you go through can be restored by balancing the electrolyte in your body with coconut water.

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These qualities make the coconut water another great post-workout energy drink. With that, also make it sure that you have your low calories diet plan.

Fruit Smoothies

fruit smoothies post workout

Fruits are a great source of instant energy and you can prepare fruit smoothies for yourself with the yogurt and berries. It will provide you quick recovery because of the natural sugars in the berries which boosts the glycogen stored in the body.

The quality proteins available in yogurt and berries smoothie will help you in easy muscle recovery after a long workout session.

Fruit Juice

Apple Fruit Juice

Through sweat, your body loses a lot of water and electrolytes during the long workout session. In that case, you need fluid to make up the loss and there is nothing better than drinking 100% pure fruit juice.

It is easy to extract the apple juice anywhere so after your workout you can drink freshly extracted apple juice which will provide you enough energy to make up the muscles again. You can also drink carrot or orange juice which is good in taste and you will also get the fluid back into the body which was lost during the workout through sweat.

Chilled Banana Smoothie

banana smoothie

Banana is a great source of energy and when it is mixed with milk and honey, it will be a super energy drink better than any other processed drink.

Take two bananas and one glass of milk. Shake the milk and sliced bananas and add two spoons of honey. Add some ice cubes in it. Drink this chilled banana smoothie after every workout. It will be your best organic post-workout energy drink.

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Final words

Always remember that these natural energy drinks are best for the post-workout recovery. Don’t add sugar in the drinks to get the best results. Try to avoid processed sports energy drinks as they have side effects as well.

These post-workout organic energy drinks will not only save your money, but it will also provide extra health benefits with no side effects. Moreover, with these post-workout drinks, you should also take care of your pre-workout food and drinks.

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