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Top 5 DIY Natural Beauty Hacks Using Ingredients Found at Home

natural beauty hacks

Every single person wanted to look beautiful and fresh. No matter if you are a male or a female, you have the right to look beautiful. Sometimes the beauty creams and scrubs can damage your skin as they have chemicals that might be dangerous for the skin. Sometimes your simple diet can prevent acne and other skin problems.

For sensitive skin, it is good to use only natural products to get natural beauty. The natural products will not only make your skin fresh and natural but these products will also provide extra glow and help in recovering the damaged cells of the skin.

Here are 5 DIY natural beauty hacks which require the ingredients that can be found at home:

DIY Brown Sugar Scrub


If you want to exfoliate your skin in order to get a healthy and beautiful glowing skin then you can achieve this by making a DIY sugar scrub at home. You can exfoliate your body and the face with a DIY sugar scrub which is very easy to make at home.

To make a DIY brown sugar scrub, you only need to have a half cup of brown sugar and a half cup of any oil of your choice. You can use jojoba, coconut, almond or olive oil. You can also add any essential oil if you want.

Now you need to mix the brown sugar with your favorite oil in a bowl. You can add a few drops of essential oil as well. Stir the mixture with a spoon and make it sure that you get the right consistency of brown sugar and oil.

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After your satisfaction of the consistency of the mixture and the fragrance, you can store the brown sugar scrub in an airtight container. Rinse your skin properly after you exfoliate your skin with wth brown sugar scrub.

Honey – Anti-aging Ingredient

Everyone knows and confident about the health benefits of Honey. 100% pure honey can be very useful for the skin as well. No matter if you are an adult or an old person, you can have a problem of dry and unattractive aging skin.

In that case, before you buy an expensive and branded anti-aging cream from the market, you must try honey which has amazing properties of healing and protecting your aging skin. Apart from using honey in your milk or other edible products, you can also apply the honey mask on your skin.

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Just make it sure that your skin is dry and cleansed before you apply the honey mask on it. Wait for 5 to 10 minutes and they wash the skin thoroughly with warm water. You will be amazed by the result as you will get healthy skin and a good complexion.

Lemon, Yogurt and Coconut Oil Face Mask

It is very important to get a facial treatment for a glowing and acne-free face. Tanjong Pagar facial treatment is very famous to achieve glowing face. You should try that along with with your own homemade DIY coconut oil face mask.

If you have oily skin then you should try lemon, yogurt, and coconut oil face mask. You can make this coconut oil face mask in just a few minutes. Just mix 1 tablespoon yogurt with 1/2 tablespoon of lemon juice and 1/2 tablespoon of coconut oil.

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Lemon Yogurt and Coconut Oil Face Mask

Now apply the mixture on your skin using a brush so that you can apply the face mask in proper layers. Wait for 15 minutes and relax, then wash your face with warm water and clean the face with a soft clean towel.

You can apply this mask regularly on your face and in a few weeks, you will get a pour free, nourished and hydrated skin.

Coffee for Longer Hair

Coffee Hair Growth

You must have heard about the coffee oil for stronger and healthier hairs. But how about getting healthy and long hairs with your favorite morning drink, Coffee?

Yes, it is true and it is possible. No need to buy any coffee oil when you can get all the benefits of coffee oil from your morning cup of coffee. Just make an extra cup of coffee in the morning by using fresh ground coffee beans. Enjoy your cup of coffee and let the other cup to get it cool.

Now put that coffee in a bowl and soak all your hairs in the coffee. Leave the coffee on hairs for 15 minutes and then rinse your hairs with warm water. You will feel that your hairs have a sweet smell of coffee. You can wash the hairs properly if you don’t like the coffee fragrance, but it is not necessary.

Coconut Oil For White Teeth

coconut oil pulling white teeth

Coconut oil has great advantages and it even can be used as a toothpaste. This technique of using coconut oil as toothpaste is originated from India and Egypt and they use it just like mouth wash.

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This technique is very effective to get white teeth, fresh breath and for killing the bacteria and germs as well. The technique involves the mouth swishing the coconut oil for around 60 minutes only for the experienced users. For new users swishing the coconut oil around the mouth is also effective.

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