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5 Hacks For Taking The Perfect Baby Photo – Newborn Photography

newborn photography hacks tips

Whether it is a holiday season or any other annual function, sending a card having beautiful pictures of your family or your newborn baby is always a great idea. Or, if you just become a mom of a beautiful baby then again you would love to take some beautiful pictures of the little one.

When you take the photos of your Newborn baby, then you should be very careful as these pictures should best. You won’t get another chance of Newborn photography for a few years. Here are some photography tips and hacks that will surely help you to create a lovely photo album of your little one.

Involve the Whole Family

newborn baby photography hacks

To take amazing photos of the newborn, it is good to involve the whole family. It means, the mom, the dad, and any siblings should be featured in the photo. Any third person who is not the family can take the photo for you or you can use the timer as well.

This is one of the best newborn photography tips because siblings and parents are with the newborn which shows the emotions of the whole family for the newborn. This emotional angle can provide a great newborn photo. A lot of parents love this idea and they believe that there should be at least one photo that involves the whole family.

Hospital Photo Hack


When you are in the hospital after the birth of your adorable baby, obviously you don’t have a tripod and other DSLR camera accessories there. But most of the hospitals have a meal tray which has tires as well. You can use this meal tray as a tripod because you can move the meal tray anywhere in the hospital room.

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For some meal trays, it is possible to adjust the height as well so you can set your camera at any height for the newborn photography.

Select the Right Time

newborn morning photo hacks

One of the best newborn photography hacks & tips is to select the right time of the day. With no other opinion, the morning time is the best time for the photoshoot especially for the newborn.

One reason for selecting the morning time is that babies are more relaxed at that time and also most of the DSL camera provides the best results in the morning light. One more thing which should be in mind is that the morning light is very good for the baby while the harsh lights in the evening can be disturbing for the cute baby.

Don’t Bother About the Background

newborn photography hacks tips

Most of the parents take to much stress in creating a beautiful background. But this is not required for newborn photography. Almost every mom says that she only concentrates on the toes and fingers of the baby. And beautiful lips! And little fingers. And cheeks, eyes, and eyelashes. And the beautiful innocent smile of the newborn.

So why one should worry about the background? Just focus the camera on the baby and that is all.

Arrange a Photoshoot after 10 Days

newborn baby photography

During the first 10 days, the baby is not very well familiar with the surrounding and different noises. The atmosphere, especially the temperature is also one factor which can disturb the baby. In the first 10 days, the body of the newborn adjusts itself with the surroundings.

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So, it is a very good newborn photography hack that you should arrange a professional photo shoot of the newborn after the 10 days from the birth.

Final words

Thanks to these 5 amazing newborn photography hacks and tips which helps me in preparing a wonderful photograph of my little daughter. Now I have a lot of beautiful photos of my lovely daughter and like me, there are many other parents who would love to create an album of sweet memories of their newborn.

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