5 Reasons You Must Convert MS Word Doc File to PDF Format

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You might have seen many people searching for some free doc to pdf online file converter. Have you ever think about it why people prefer for their files to convert from doc to pdf? Here I will provide you 5 reasons why most of the people do so and why you should also convert doc files to pdf (portable document format) files.

Compatible with different Operating Systems: Using a word doc file on both Windows and Mac is not easy. Whereas if you want to access your PDF file on any OS like, Windows, Linux, Unix or on Mac, you can easily access the file without any problem and all the content will be in proper format.

Easy Access using Smartphones: You can access your doc files on Smartphones, but it requires you to install MS office whereas most of the Smartphones comes with the built-in support for PDF files. Even you can open a PDF file using your web browsers like Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Converting doc to pdf is a common practice because of this reason.

Word Documents Lose Formatting: One more reason to convert word files to pdf is that word doc files lose their formats if you open the file on another computer. Even if you access your file using a different printer, the formatting might be lost and you need to adjust your word document again. PDF files keep the format and there is no need to worry about the formatting of PDF files.

Trusted Security: Most professionals and legal experts prefer PDF formats because they are admissible in courts. A word document is not admissible in courts because anyone can easily alter the content whereas if you edit a PDF file it will leave an electronic footprint which is a requirement for the electronic documents to be presented in court as a proof. So you should convert word to pdf online easily if you don’t have a doc to pdf converter installed on your PC.

File Compression: In a PDF file, you can easily use the file compression feature if you want to reduce the file which has graphical content. This feature is very useful if you need to download, upload the pdf files or if you want to send your files in an email. The best thing is that you don’t lose the quality even after file compression. So doc to pdf conversion is a must for professionals.

With the above 5 points, you can easily understand why portable document format file is much better than word document file for professional use. After reading these 5 main reasons to convert word doc file to pdf, if you are convinced that pdf is better than tell us and if you need more information ask us by using contact us or comment form.

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