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5 Reasons Why You Should Wear A Motorcycle Helmet

Why wear helmet

Though many people don’t like to wear a helmet when they are at their work in an industry or when they are riding a bicycle or a motorcycle but it is a fact that one should always wear a helmet while riding a bike or while working at a factory with the labor. In different countries, there are different traffic rules, but wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle is a must everywhere. Unfortunately, in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, people consider it as a burden and a useless thing. They fail to realize how important it is to wear a helmet whenever driving a motorcycle.


Here I will provide 5 important reasons why you should wear a motorcycle helmet whenever driving a bike.

Prevent Head Injury

The most obvious reason to wear a helmet is to prevent any head injury in case of any unfortunate incident. Accidents took place every day on the roads, so while you are driving, it is good to wear a helmet so that in case of an accident you can avoid the head injury which can be very dangerous for the rider if he or she is not wearing a motorcycle helmet. According to American Family Physician, in most of the road accidents, head injuries are the main causes of long-term disabilities. About 60 percent deaths of bikers are also because of the severe head injury.

Wearing a motorcycle helmet can prevent these injuries to a great extent. According to studies, helmets can prevent or reduces the intensity of head injuries up to 70%. But you should know how to measure helmet size bike because it is very important to wear a right size helmet which can provide you the maximum protection.

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Get Noticed on the Road

While you are on a bicycle or on a motorcycle, it is difficult for the drivers of heavy transport vehicles or even for light transport vehicles to notice cyclists or bikers on the road. Especially in the evening when lights are low, it becomes more difficult for the drivers to notice bikers ahead of them because they have direct lights in their eyes from the traffic coming from the other side. In this case, if you wear a helmet with bright colors, other drives will easily notice you and they can safely overtake you without committing an unfortunate accident. If you wear bright color helmets, the light from the cars or buses behind you reflect back and anyone will easily see that there is a motorcycle or a bicycle in front of them.


Set an Example

Litle kids riding a bicycle from the age of 5 to 14 years and adults driving a motorcycle from the age of 16 to 22 years are more at risk of bike related accidents. So being a parent if you wear a helmet every time while riding, you can set an example for your kids. They will see you and get inspiration that how important is it to wear a motorcycle helmet. The kids of this age usually don’t like to wear helmets because they believe they don’t look cool with a helmet. So it is very important to convince them by setting an example.

Avoid Traffic Challan

Almost every country has traffic rules about wearing a helmet. No matter in which country you live, if you don’t wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle, you will get a traffic challan. So if you avoid getting tickets, you should wear a motorcycle helmet. Find more from BestMotoExpert that why it is important to wear a helmet.

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Weather Protection

It is very difficult to drive a motorcycle while it’s raining. Or if there is a dust storm, it will be even more difficult and you won’t be able to open your eyes. In these cases, the helmet provides you protection against the unpleasant weather. It also protects your eyes from little mosquitoes in the air which can enter into your eyes and can cause an accident.


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