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Vaping for the First Time? Top 5 Things Every Newbie Vaper Should Know

Last updated on April 13, 2019

5 Things Every Newbie Vaper Should Know

Most probably you have decided to go vaping to avoid cigarettes which have caused great harm to your lungs and kidneys. That’s a bold step. You may also want to start vaping through electronic Cigarettes as a way of spending your leisure and just to cool your mind after a long day.

Whether you are in the latter or former, the fact remains that you have never used e-cigs before and you are new to vaping.

In order to enjoy your new world and view of things, there are 5 things you need to know before you start using that e-cig that you have bought. Else, you might not like this new experience which is the favorite of many. Here are the seven things that should be in your mind before vaping:

You will have a cough at first

Well, just as someone usually has some coughs the first time they use cigarette or tobacco, don’t be surprised that you will have a cough at first. Don’t be worried it is a normal thing; it’s a welcome note to the vaping world.

Even if you are an avid smoker, when you come to vaping you will probably cough because you are used to smoking not vaping. Besides, the vapor is a bit thicker compared to the smoke. However, this will come to an end after a few days and get used to it.

There is an ideal e-cig for you

Just as you don’t smoke every cigarette in that you have your favorite brand, the same principle applies to e-cigs. Some new beginners usually give up after trying some simple vape and e-cigs which didn’t suit their taste and preferences.

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However, you have to keep trying until you land to your ideal vape. You can also talk to vape friendly guides or counselors who can advise you on which vape to go for.

There are frustrations at the beginning

Remember you are trying to stop a habit that you are used to it for years – smoking. Sometimes you will crave for the cigarette and abandon that simple vape form e-cigs.

Don’t blame yourself and give up, it’s a matter of time, you will get used to the new difference and the craving for nicotine will soon disappear.

Always smoke, just vape

You don’t smoke an e-cig as an avid smoker does to their cigarette; just vape like a vaper, don’t smoke it. This a common mistake that many beginners do although everyone started there.

This is the reason for coughing at the beginning.  Just take simple vape slowly and in steady puffs.

You will probably get some dry mouth

Just like with cigarettes, you will experience dry throat, mouth, and sometimes throat. Most of the ingredients of e-cigs usually draw water to themselves and that means you need to start taking enough water to compensate the one you have lost.


Besides the above five, you might also experience a craving for more of these simple vape every time. Well, it is normal but you need to control your vaping else you might have some side effects like nausea and headaches.

This should tell you that you have taken too much nicotine and you need to stop. However, be ready for the above before you begin taking your e-cigs.

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