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5 Things to Consider When You Plan Your Vacation Tour for Germany

things to consider while travel to germany

Germany is a great and well-established country of Europe. It is a must-visit country because of its so many attractions and special European beauty characteristics. If you are planning your vacation tour for Germany, then you should keep these 5 things in your mind.

Learn German Language


Oh my God! Not an easy thing to do? But don’t worry, you don’t need to be fluent in the German language. You need to learn some basic terms of the German language so that you can understand the signs on the roads, instructions in the shopping malls and stalls.

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People in Berlin can speak English, but in other regions of Germany, people speak only German. So it will be a wise decision if you learn some basic vocabulary of German so that you can communicate with the local people.

Keep Cash in Hand


Unlike other established countries of the world, Germany is known to be the biggest economy that still depends on cash money. If you have a credit card, you will be in trouble as you will not find a card machine on most of the shopping malls and stores.

Though you can have your debit card with you and you can get the Euros from the ATM machines available around the country.

Explore Different Regions

explore Germany

Most of the people who travel to Germany, they only visit the main cities which are very populated and have a lot of traffic, buildings and commercial activities. It will be a good thing if you explore more regions in Germany which are less populated and no traffic noise.

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Knetzgau is a good example which is a municipality in the district of Ha├čberge in Bavaria. It consists of various villages and you can enjoy the natural beauty of Germany if you visit such places. Here you can find a lot more information about Knetzgau.

Sunday is a No Shopping Day


Germans are very strict about this. If you try to buy anything on Sunday, you will not find any open store. Even if you want to buy some medicine, you will find the pharmacies close.

So, make it sure that you buy all the required items on Saturday as there will be no opportunity for shopping on Sunday.

Return and Earn

recycling depot

It is a tradition in Germany and people love to recycle plastic bags and glass packings. When you buy something from the stores in Germany, you will be charged for the packings and the bags.

On your next visit, you can recycle the packing and bags using the recycling depot at the entry point on most of the grocery stores. You will get your cashback. It will not save your money, but it will also help in keeping the city clean.

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