5 things you should know about CNC Machining Services


CNC or Computer Numerical Controlled machining is the process of cutting metal parts with the help of a computer, which would otherwise be done manually. In this process, a computer is programmed to cut and design metals into desired shapes. The tools that are programmed to be controlled by the computer may include, Lathes, mills, routers, and grinders. Each tool is programmed to complete its task in an efficient way.

CNC Machining services have made the production of complex metal parts possible. Production of intricately cut metal parts with the help of computer and that too, with precision, has become all the rage.

Here are five things to know about CNC Machining:

  1. Automatic Control allows fast production

There is no constant human supervision required in this CNC process. CNC Machines are programmed to do their job and they work like robots to complete their tasks of milling, grinding, lathing and routing with high precision and accuracy.

  1. Precision

When it comes to technology, precision is well taken care of. Each machine is programmed to perform its task with high accuracy. Different machines are designed for different operation. For example, the CNC Lathe and milling machines turn and mill respectively to produce complex geometry and internal bores to make sure that the end product is aptly designed.

  1. How are machines coded?

The CNC machines are programmed with the G-code. This software controls the positioning and working speed of the machine with respect to the metals to ensure a precisely cut product is made.

  1. Design anything with CNC

CNC Machines are capable of producing any type of product with great precision. They can twist and turn the machine tools in different axes. These axes of motion make CNC’s capable of making a variety of designs with ease. The CNC machines usually work in 3-axes or 4-axis motion. The 3-axis motion being the X, Y and Z dimensions and the 4-axes includes another dimension parallel to X-axis. A 5-axis and 6-axis working CNC machines are also available. The dimensions help to design the product more intricately.

  1. Computer Aided Design is the basis of it all

The first step is the 2D drawing or a 3D design model, after that, a G-code is derived from this model and applied. This is an important process that prevents mistakes and any defect in the end product. Workers need to be satisfied with the test run since only after this stage final working commences. After testing is done, the program is run to design the actual part.

CNC machining has been around for decades now and has made the cutting and designing an easy job. CNC machining services are available throughout the world and more and more progress is being achieved with cutting-edge technology. It is being made sure that very complex designs are achieved for more advanced industrial processes.

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