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5 Tips For Professional Business Card That Can Grow Your Business

5 tips for creating business card

It is a well-known fact that without a good promotion, no business can grow. Even the established business requires a continuous promotion to have an edge over the competitors and the newcomers. There are different ways of promotion but the most common and widely used method is distributing business cards to customers or clients, and every person you meet.

A good business card can grow your business. But it could only happen if you create an effective business card. A traditional business card is only a waste of money which can’t help you in promoting your services or business.

Here you can find a few tips which can help you in creating an effective business card which can grow your business.

Use Quality Paper and Printing

Most of the business owners make this mistake. They prefer quantity over quality. Just to save a few dollars, they select a low-quality paper for their business card which doesn’t leave a good impression on the customer.

Then printing quality is another factor where you shouldn’t compromise on the quality. Either spend a few more dollars or reduce the total number of business cards but only get the good quality paper and excellent printing for your cards so that customers don’t put that card with many other useless cards.

Make Every Business Card Personal

It means, your business card should be personal for every person who has it. For example, a few months ago when I met the marketing manager of BizEdge Solutions he gave me his business card. On the back side of the card, a few words were printed: “Remember me? We met…”

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Then there was white space after these words and he manually wrote that we met at XYZ place and had a cup of tea while discussing the marketing plan of Dunya Urdu.

That was the best card I ever get from any person. After a few weeks when I see that card, I knew exactly what we discussed there and how a professional person was he, just because of those few words.

Don’t Put Too Much on Business Card

If you provide too much information on the card, no one will spend the time to find the required information from the card. You should know exactly what to put on a business card.

Your company name or log and the slogan are the most important thing and should be prominent. Then your name, your post and contact numbers are important.

Don’t provide multiple numbers, only one business phone number and one personal cell number is enough. You can also include the email address and the website address.

Don’t forget to have an empty space as well 🙂

Make it Readable

Never make a mistake to get your business card designed by an inexperienced designer. Proper color contrast should be used and the font size should be selected wisely. Try to make it as simple as possible and readable.

Simple fonts are easy to read so don’t try new fonts are different combinations of colors. It will make it difficult to find the relevant information on the card and will be difficult to read.

Use QR Code

If you want to provide more and more details about your business and services, you can use a QR code on the back side of the card. These days everyone has a Smartphone which can read the QR code easily.

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By using a QR code you do not only make your card stand alone, but you can provide a lot of information by using a little space.

Final Verdict

If you try these 5 things, you can grow your business with your business card. If you are planning to design and print a traditional business card then don’t do that it would be just a waste of money.

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