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5 Useful Tips How to Buy Used Laptops in Best Price

Last updated on October 1, 2017


If you are going to buy a laptop for you and you don’t have enough budget to purchase a brand new laptop then obviously you will choose a used laptop with better specifications instead of buying a new laptop with lesser specs to meet your budget. Here I will give you 5 important tips about how to buy used laptops.

Always buy from a reputed dealer:

While buying a used laptop you should always buy the laptop from a reputed dealer in your area. Make it sure that the dealer is professional in dealing and have a good reputation. If you are going to buy from an online store then don’t forget to check the reviews from old customers. If you are in Vietnam thenĀ laptop Dell cu ha noi is a good option for you, as described by the name the sell second hand Dell laptops in the capital.

Try to buy Refurbished instead of the Used laptop:

There are some laptops which are repaired by the manufacturer of the brand and maintained just like the brand new. These laptops are better than used laptops which are not maintained, refurbished laptops are slightly higher in price than the used ones but they are more reliable.

Check the laptop properly if it is damage from any side:

While buying a used laptop there are more chances that its body is cracked or damaged from any side. Most users only check the specs and working capabilitiesĀ of the laptop, they don’t inspect the machine’s body if it is cracked or not. So make it sure that body is okay and not cracked.

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Check the battery life of used laptop:

Though it is not that much important it is better to check if the battery lasts long for at least 2 hours without the charger plugged in. If the battery is weak you should negotiate on the price because you can change the battery later easily by spending a small amount.

Ask for the check warranty:

It is obvious that used laptops might not have manufacturer warranty left. Very few chances are there that manufacturer warranty is there, if you got that then it is your luck but if it is the case then you must ask the dealer to give you some check warranty let say for one month or even for one week. But it is good to have some warranty when you are buying a used laptop.

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