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5 Simple and Easy Ways to Stay Healthy and Live Happy

5 ways to stay healthy

A healthy body is one of the most essential things that one should carefully incorporate in order to have a smooth way of living free from many lines especially chronic. A healthy body not only does it beautify one it is highly essential in handling the day to day stresses effectively and aids in maintaining good and physical health.


A healthy body is also highly effective in preventing one from contracting some dangerous forms of cancerous cells especially so for women such as ovary, breast, and colon cancer. A non-healthy body tends to lean one’s body to being more overweight which increases the blood sugar levels in the body leading to diabetes.

A healthy heart is usually associated with a healthy body and as this is the main organ of the body there is all the reason that one should ensure a healthy way of living in so as to make the heart function properly in its day to day activities.

When one is overweight the heart is made to work extra hard so as to be able to pump blood to all parts of the body even when one is at rest which sometimes leads to heart strokes or failures. A healthy body not only ensures a quality of life but also the quantity that one has to live thus there are 5 simple ways of which if carefully followed will ensure that one is able to live a healthy life without any problem.

Balanced Diet


Diet is one of the main essentials that one needs to give closer look in an attempt of maintaining a healthy way of living as the old saying goes “we are what we eat “ gives the ultimate reason for being serious with the diet. A well-balanced diet is one of the most essential components if one is to maintain a healthy way of living.

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Proteins should be taken in large amounts as they are the building blocks of the body as they ensure that one’s muscles get well developed and when accompanied with exercises will ensure that one gets ripped.

Carbohydrates should also be taken depending on one’s body; this is so for overweight people as it tends to contain lots of calories thus its amount should be regulated. Vitamins are other essential types of foods as they are good for one’s health by ensuring healthy skin and protecting people from infections.

Fruits and vegetables are one of the essentials of healthy living as they do come with lots of benefits from replenishing one’s blood levels to ensuring smooth and tender skin. Some vegetables and fruits are also essential in averting some form of illness. Fruits should essentially replace due to their wide range of nutritional benefits.

Routine Exercises


Exercises should sufficiently supplement the diet in order to keep the body in a good shape that is full of health, various types of exercises are known to work on different or parts of the body thus one should engage in various types of exercises. Consistently engaging in various types of exercises for up to 3 days in a week will ensure that one is on the right track of gaining a good healthy body.


Cardio exercises are some of these types of exercises that will not necessarily require one to enroll in gym membership in order to attain a healthy body. These exercises include morning jogs of which you can do around your estate, cycling is another exercise that is usually effective in burning excess fats in the body. Skipping with a rope In the garage for up to ten minutes in your garage will do you more good as it is able to burn down up to 100 calories.

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Plenty of water


Water than how many people sideline it is highly essential for a healthy body this is because 70% of the body is usually made of water and essential in increasing the hydration levels of the body. Water is able in replenishing body fluids such as blood and usually enhances bowel movements in the body.

Plenty of water also aids in making the skin top appear as healthy as possible and aids in the excretion of various toxins in the body. Alcohol intake should completely be avoided for a healthy body as it might lead to hypertension. Beverages such as caffeine and tea should also be avoided and replaced with fruit water as they tend to contain lots of sugar which are known to increase the calories level in the body.

Don’t Smoke or Use Drugs

Avoid drugs and smoking

If you want to have a healthy life then you will have to completely kick smoking out of your life as it does not have any nutritional value to one’s body instead it completely destroys one. Smoking is the cause of lung cancer which usually makes one’s health deteriorate thus should completely be avoided. Other drugs not completely prescribed by a doctor should also be completely avoided.

Feeling Good About One’s Self and Rest

Take rest stay healthy

It is highly essential to appreciate oneself as nobody can ever appreciate you better than you, this clearly aids in reducing the amount of stress and depression in one’s life thus encouraging a healthy way of life. Always stay close to people who appreciate and take you just the way you are and always make you happy as laughter is known to increase one’s life by simply promoting one’s health.

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Rest is highly recommended for the body as it is the one that is able to provide relaxation to both the mind and the body muscles, sleeping a minimum of 6 hours in a day is usually recommended. This enables the muscles to relax the tensions of the day and the brain will be able to prepare for a new day.

Ensure you go to bed early as it will come hand in hand to you waking up early the next day, this is because the body is able to utilize well the sleep that one gets before midnight better than after midnight. Rest is important as it is able to avert chronic fatigue, depression, and memory loss thus ensuring you stay healthy at all times.


A healthy weary of living mainly incorporates what is essential to one’s body and in the right amounts complimented by various physical exercises to get rid of excess fats in the body.


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