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6 Important Tips on Buying Baby RC Car Every Buyer Should Know


Before going to thoughtless about your hobby, it’s better to get some overview and then design the shape upon that over time. Although many people have various idiosyncrasy for radio controller (RC) cars and it’s very essential to understand the kind of cars you want to buy for your kids.

Here are 6 tips for buying baby RC car,

Tip-1:  Pick Up the Suitable Types

The entire market is containing of distinct types of RC cars to select from. Predominantly, car types are based on where you actually want to drive it. Your choices are basically on or off road, though you have a mixed-breed.

Street Cars: Streetcars are the speedy RC cars and can go up to amazingly 100mph. Made for smooth flat, paved surfaces. While in on-flat road both speed and handling will exceed, but any types of cracks or bumps can damage it.

Drift Cars: Drifts RC cars are similar to streetcars, but their tires are thicker and slick. Controlling drift is difficult, but when you get mastered on it, it’s a lot of fun.

Trucks: They are bigger, bad but surprisingly they are just awesome. Look like traditionally sized monster trucks, but off-road racing is a great option with it. However, handling it is difficult, but a good chance to flip over high speeds. Some of them come with water-resistance quality, so it is better to use it on outdoor.

Buggy: A RC buggy is a perfect option for on-road or off-road racing. Although they’re not as fast as RC cars or can’t climb on the rocky roads like RC trucks, they are the good option for all-purposes.

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Truggy: Basically these RC cars are opposite of buggies. They are more suited to the off-roads than streets.

Tip-2: Look for Right Power Source

As from above, you know which type is a perfect option for you. So now you should know about the power source available for baby radio control cars.

Electric: Electric cars are less expensive, need little maintenance and do not require any fuel.  They are run by rechargeable battery packs and can easily get started. Just recharge the battery, confine it into the car, and enjoy the drive! Luckily they’re cheaper but often they’re less powerful and slower too.

Nitro Fuel: Nitro fuel is powerful, loud, fast but more expensive. They are intended for enthusiast of RC car and need a bit of care and maintenance. An additional cost of fuel, gas, oil, and maintenance makes it a less attractive option for a young child.  In the case of adolescents who prefer power and noise, nitro fuel is the best choice.

Tip-3: Should Have Easy To Operate Controls

For starters, it’s better to choose your baby RC car with easy to use and simple controllers. Typically, RC cars come with either stick or pistol grip controller. For toddlers, it’s better to choose two button controllers that help kids to easily control the car around. For older kids, pick a controller with additional features.

Tip-4: Consider Durability and Quality

An RC car is made out of durable materials and may be bit expensive but will serve your kids a long period of time. Low-cost materials like hard plastics will give you a few days or months of pleasure. So, choose your baby RC car with solid build quality, durable body, and large tires.

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Tip-5: Not Choose Something Too Large Scale

You’ll have to fix how bigger your RC car should be. The scale of models will inform you its size in connection to an actual, complete size car. Typically, RC cars size is ranging from 1/16–1/5. Most common sizes are 1/16, 1/10, 1/8, or 1/5. Larger models are more expensive but can be repaired more easily. So when you choose your baby RC car size, think about where you store and drive it.

Tip-6: Ensure Safety

Finally, need to ensure that the durable and sturdy RC cars don’t have any sharp edges or parts which can accidentally harm your kids. If you are handling the car to you baby, check the battery compartments. Especially for toddlers avoid the helicopters or planes, as they might be crashing them or hurting themselves.


Only a few gifts can make your baby smile while they receive it. A radio control (RC) car is among one even it’s a kid’s dream toy. So, not to forget to ask your child what exactly he wants. Also, analysis the online reviews of popular RC car models before buying your baby RC car.

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