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6 Simple Study Tips To Get Good Marks in Final Exams

how to study final exams

Getting good marks in final exams is an art, just reading books and different guides without a good plan can’t provide the best results. Students should have a clear plan for their studies and should stick to their plan all the time. Studying all the time is not good for health neither for the final result. Along with the study, students should also take care of their health and they should involve themselves in some healthy activities, playing outdoor games, spending time with friends, watching movies for entertainment is also important.

Here we will provide a basic guide for students to make better plans to enhance the productivity.

1. Create your own Notes

Many teachers provide their own notes to students so that they can use these notes to prepare for the exams. But if students create their own notes daily during or after attending a lecture, it will be much better. When students create their own notes, they can understand that work later in a better way and they will not forget what they have done with their hand. So always try to create your notes yourself rather than getting from any other person.

2. Start preparing for Exams Early

Many students waste their time only in making plans but they never start their study.¬†Don’t put off till tomorrow, what you can do today, so always make short-term plans and achieve your goals that you have set in your plans.

3. Study According to Exam Pattern

You should know the pattern of your exams. If you will have to answer the questions with multiple choice, then you should focus on the definitions and basic concepts. If the exams are a subjective type or we can say essay type, then you have to focus on the full concept provided in the book, different heading related to that subject and also the examples which you can quote for that particular topic.

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4. Arrange Group Study Sessions

If possible, arrange a few group study sessions with your friends. When students study in a group, they get much more to learn from the logic and concepts of other friends. Different students take things in a different way, they have different tricks to solve a problem, or to learn a difficult equation. So when you study in a group with your friends, it is possible that you will learn something extra from your friends and your friends will learn something new from you.

5. Take Breaks

When exams are near, most of the students study 15 to 16 hours a day. This is not good for them as they will mix the things. It is good to take a short break after every 2 to 3 hours study session. You can eat food, play an outdoor game, can go out on a walk, or can watch a short funny movie to entertain yourself. When your mind is relaxed, your learning power increases.

6. Take Help From Solutions Manual

Don’t forget to take help from solutions manual. You can get different solutions manual for different subjects and textbooks. Or you can find a good answer key for multiple choice questions which can be helpful in memorizing different questions and answers.

With all these tips, don’t forget to take help from your teachers time to time. Aks questions about the exam and also get help from your seniors. They can guide you about the expected questions for the next exam. If you make the study plan as mentioned above and also follow that plan, you will surely get good marks in the final exams.

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