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7 Things to Know to Succeed with Google Business Posts

Last updated on April 11, 2023


 Google never tires of creating new features to enhance user experience. Google Posts is the latest feature for local search to hit the market.  The new feature lets local businesses publish their products, services, and events to Google search and Maps directly.

Until recently, only a few people such as celebrities, museums, sports teams, and leagues could use the Posts on Google feature to post social media updates directly to Google search results pages. The posts could be images, text, and videos intended to drive traffic to their websites.

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You are likely wondering what exactly Google posts are and how you can use them for your business. ‘Google business posts allow you to directly include posts to the knowledge graph results for your business.

This is essential if you wish to convey more information as opposed to the basic information which is a name, address, operating hours, phone number and reviews’ says Peter Kenneth, digital marketer and SEO expert at A+ Digital .

With Google business posts, you will now be able to include on your post information like:

  • Events taking place
  • Specials
  • Important news such as a new brand

  • Share links to blog content from a website through your profile on Google My Business
  • Any information you would like to share with people interested in your business

Read on to learn 7 things that will allow you to succeed with Google posts.

  1. Track click activity

Ensure you track the activity on how many people click your post. You track clicks using UTM codes. Because Google posts do not naturally integrate with Google Analytics, it is difficult to gain insight beyond the standard number of clicks and views that Google provides on the dashboard. Building a custom URL to utilize the call to action link will let you see more information on Google users. Analytics will let you know if they converted after visiting your site.

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For instance, you can link the button to rather than


  1. Make your first characters count

The first 100 characters are what will show up in the knowledge panel. Take your time to think through your content to make these characters count. Also, countercheck the character count to ensure your sentence does not get cut off.

Do not just scramble together some keywords into your posts because this will not affect your ranking. Instead, use the posts to highlight discounts, sales, special events and new products.

  1. Center your images

“Ensure your images are weighted at the center so that they show all the images. If you weigh your images improperly, Google might accidentally slice out a part of the image. Use the right image size

Do not use images smaller than 250×250 because they will be rejected. The best size to use is 750×750” says Joy Hawkins, a Local SEO expert at Sterling Sky.


  1. Multiple posts

If you post multiple times, the newest posts will appear first with the older ones appearing in a carousel format.  In a carousel format, Google can scroll up to 10 posts. It is also important to know that Google posts stay live for only seven days, so post often. There is no way to schedule posts as of yet. However, events will stay live until they come to pass.

  1. URLs

The URLs to the posts are not indexed by Google, unlike Google+ posts. The posts have URLs that are unique and can be shared by clicking on the posts.

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  1. Hotels

Unfortunately, if your business is in the “hotel” category, the “post” option is not available to you.

  1. Videos and GIFs

These are not yet supported by Google posts.

How do you post from Google My Business Account?

You need to log into Google My Business account, and then you will see the landing page.

Scroll down to “Locations.” If a bunch of maps does not appear, click on the six tiny boxes located below “Download Insights” at the top right-hand side.

Find your business card and click “Manage Location.” This will bring up the Google My Business screen for your specific business. This is useful in adding photos of your business, responding to reviews and much more.

Click on “Posts” which is just below the “Home” button.

This will bring up a prompt “Write your post.”

The feature also allows you to add an image and a button for various things.

Click on “Add a button.” This will enable you to add a link or calls to action. With this feature, you can share links to your website for specific content such as events, specials, blog content or events.

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