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A Brief Travel Guide for First Time Tourists To Hurghada Egypt

Last updated on March 4, 2019

Hurghada Egypt Travel Guide

Since ٰEgypt tourism is increasing and more tourists are traveling to desert safari and other places in Egypt, you should know the following before you leave on Hurghada excursions.

Hurghada is full of lights which can hide the beautiful nights of Hurghada. But the nights of Hurghada are quite beautiful and leave an everlasting impression on the memories of the tourists. This is one of the many attractions of Hurghada and is very famous among the couple tourists who are visiting for the first time.

This attraction mainly focuses on the sky, the sky is full of the stars and it feels as if watching a dream. All the stars give a Disney land view and looking at the stars soothes the heart as well. People spend hours in looking up the sky with the telescopes. These telescopes are provided by the resorts to the guests.

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Professional tourist always recommends to stay in the desert for hours and enjoy the show in the sky. This star-studded sky is rare around the world that is why it is so mesmerizing.

Desert safari is also one of the things that are always on the tourist’s list. People are visiting this area desert by enjoying quad biking. The quad bikes are provided by the company through desert safari has been booked. There is a test drive before giving the bikes to the tourist.

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quad bikes hurghada egypt

This test drive ensures that tourist can drive the quad bike and there is no risk. That tourists who are unable to drive can visit the desert through a van. These quad bike rides are very enjoyable. The caravan of quad bikes moves from one spot to another. There are few entertainment spots booked by the company which provides different kinds of drinks to tourist. These drinks are quite refreshing and provide a soothing effect on the soul.

El Gouna Excursions is also very famous for its Egypt linen. There are different kinds of ancient techniques present through which these lines are made. They are available in the different districts in town. Most of the local people are selling these hand made linen.

The linen is not very costly but is absolutely worth its money. Many people often visit these districts to do the grocery and they can find almost anything in this area of the Hurghada.

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There are many diving sites in the Hurghada but the most amazing diving site of this area is known as the Abu Nuhas wreck. This is near Shadwan Island and is very famous among the divers. Each diving site has its own attraction but Abu Nuhas is famous for the Carnatic side of the wreck.

Abu Nuhas wreck

In the eighteen century, a United Kingdom cargo ship got crashed here. But the eighteen century is still remained here and is very beautiful. Abu Nuhas wreck is also very famous for underwater life. The area is very visible and has different kinds of fish present here. Professional divers around the world come to visit wrecks.

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This place is also known for underwater photography. Abu Nuha wreck is around sixty kilometers away from Hurghada Egypt.

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