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Benefits of Wearing Abaya and Hijab For Muslim Women


Hijab and Abaya are two terms that are mostly used in context with Muslim women’s clothing. Abaya is a famous over-garment loose dress that is mostly used in the Middle East, African, Arabian, and South Asian countries.

Even some non-Muslim women (like Christian women) also wear an abaya at their religious gatherings. Whereas, a hijab is purely a concept related to Muslim women. It is a scarf or a veil that is worn over the head and covers the full head and chest.

Different designs and styles are available for women’s hijab. Some types of hijab cover the whole face of the women as well except the eyes. That type of hijab is mostly called Niqab. Whereas, the scarf that only covers the head and chest and keeps the face open is generally called hijab.

Same as hijab, there are different styles available in the Muslim abaya. An abaya is a long dress, so there is more design possibilities. In Dubai-style abaya, there are more cuts that make them more stylish. Embroidered Dubai abayas are more in fashion in Pakistan.

Limited designing is also possible on the hijab as a headscarf as well. The front part of the scarf that covers the forehead may have some embroidery or can have some ornaments on it. You can order your favorite hijab online Pakistan.

The main purpose of wearing an abaya and hijab together is to obey the commandments of Allah s.w.t and to follow the Islamic way of life. The basic concept behind this clothing style is to be modest while outside of the house.

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An abaya and hijab provide protection, look modest, and it also provides a women confidence that her body is covered and no one is starting her.

Hania Amir Hijab

Benefits of Hijab and Abaya

For a Muslim girl or a woman, it is compulsory to wear an abaya and a hijab. With that, it has various benefits as well which are as follows:

Purity and Modesty

A hijab and abaya is a symbol of purity and modesty for a Muslim woman. For any Muslim girl, a hijab is a sign of dignity and purity. It is a protective shield between a modest girl and the evil eyes of the world.

It Provides Protection

Since it is a sign of modesty, it also provides an extra layer of protection for those who wear abaya and hijab. Mostly bad guys get attracted to beautiful women. They can harass them as well or try to interact with them without their consent which is not good.

Whereas, if the same woman is wearing a hijab and abaya, it will give the bad guys a signal that you are not allowed to interact with us without any reason. Though it is not guaranteed but mostly it works.

It Saves Money

Without abaya, you need to be very careful about your clothing, jewelry, makeup, and hairstyle when going out. You can’t go out in the grubby clothes that you usually wear at home. So, when you have to go out, you need to change your clothes, wear some fancy or beautiful clothes.

But if you have an abaya, then you can just put it on your grubby clothes and can go out without any problem.

Protection for Sensitive Skin

Women are more conscious about their skin and for those who have sun allergy or dust allergy, it is difficult for them to go out for work. An abaya can protect their skin from dust and don’t allow the skin to expose to sunlight.

Hence it provides protection against dust or sun allergy and saves them from various diseases. Wearing a hijab can also provide protection against the sun allergy for the face if you wear it like a niqab.

Saves Times

When you wear hijab, you don’t need to make any hairstyle. Even if you have a bad hair cut, or bad hair dye, you don’t have to worry. Just drape your scarf like a hijab over your head and you can go out with confidence as no one is noticing your hair.

Easy to Wash

Most of the abayas and hijab are made from washable fabric. So, if you are wearing fancy expensive clothes, they are safe from the dust outside as you are wearing an abaya over them. Just wash your abaya and hijab and your fancy dress is safe.

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