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Watch Guide: Advantages And Disadvantages Of Getting A Quartz Watch


Most of the men and women love to wear a quartz watch because it is low priced. Not only low priced, but a quartz watch provides a few more options as compared to mechanical watches or automatic watches.


Because these are easy to use and low in price a lot of people love to buy a quartz watch without comparing it with any other type of watch. A quartz watch for men and women can be bought in a wide price range and a lot of designs. When it comes to a wristwatch, quartz wristwatches for men and women are even more popular.

How a Quartz Watch Works

Unlike a mechanical watch, a quartz watch doesn’t have a mainspring that is responsible for the movement. Instead of the mainspring, the quartz watch works on electrical signals. This electricity is produced by a small battery which is responsible to move and to work the quartz watch.

Different types of batteries can be found in different quartz watches, but the main function of the battery is the same. It has to pass the electricity through a quartz crystal.

The ideal frequency of the crystal in a quartz watch is 32,768 Hz which means it vibrates 32,768 times. These vibrations are measured by a circuit and this circuit then changes these vibrations into one pulse. It makes a time of one second and this one pulse moves the second hand for one time.


Before you decide which watch you should buy for yourself, you should check the best watches review for 2020. Or you can also check the advantages of men’s quartz watch along with their disadvantages.

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Advantages of Quartz Watches

Accuracy: Quartz watches uses the electricity as its movement mechanism that is provided by one or more batteries so these are the accurate watches. Because of high accuracy, field or sports watch also uses this movement mechanism as it is undisputedly far more accurate than mechanical or automatic watches.

Low Price: If you compare the price of a quartz watch with the other type of wristwatches, it is very much low at price. So, affordable and still accurate make a quartz watch the best choice for men and women.

No Maintenance Required: Absolutely no maintenance required for a quartz watch. The only thing you need to take care of is to change the battery after a certain time.


Disadvantages of Quartz Watches

Not Much Smooth: Not a big disadvantage though, but you will feel that the movement of the hands of a quartz watch is not very much smooth as compared to a mechanical or automatic watch.

Some noise: Because a quartz watch moves its second’s hand in intervals, so you will hear a tick tick noise all the time. A mechanical watch will not have that noise.


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