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Advantages and Disadvantages of Tile Flooring


During home construction, the flooring is very important. A homeowner has different options for flooring. The most common is the tile flooring. Like anything else, there are various advantages and disadvantages of tile flooring.

There are different types of tiles and carpet tiles option is also available. But in this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of traditional tile flooring.

Advantages of Tile Flooring

There are various advantages of tile flooring, here you can find a few of them:

1. Tile Flooring is Durable


Tiles are usually made of resilient material, especially the ceramic and porcelain tiles are considered more durable and long-lasting. Normally, homeowners don’t want to spend money again and again on flooring and they don’t have much time as well. So they always look for long-lasting flooring. Tile flooring is best for this purpose as it can last longer for decades.

2. Requires Less Maintenance

Like other flooring materials, the tile flooring less or maintenance. Usually, there is no wear and tear with the tile flooring. You can place heavy items on the tiles as well. It could damage if you hit it hard otherwise the tile flooring is hard enough to break with normal use.

3. Easy To Clean


It is very easy to clean tile floor. You can have a lightweight vacuum cleaner that can clean the tile floor. You can also use a soft brush to clean the dust and debris from a tile floor. Unlike the carpet floor, you can clean a tile floor very easily in less time. You can also use a special liquid to get extra shine and your tile floor will look new even after years.

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4. Allergy or Asthama Risk Free

tile floor advantages health

Carpets usually absorb a lot of dirt and bacterias. Many doctors advise not to use carpets and they advise to have a simple tile flooring to avoid many diseases. Germs and bacterias don’t deposit on tile floors so it is totally safe for the patients who are allergic to dust or asthma patients.

5. Variety of Designs


Above all, you can have a lot of types and a lot of designs in tile flooring. You can have different patterns and different types of material when it comes to tile flooring. You can find the color variety and different textures that can match the home decoration and furniture.

Disadvantages of Tile Flooring

As there is nothing perfect, so tile flooring has some disadvantages as well. Here you can find a few cons or disadvantages of tile flooring:

1. Uncomfortable for Some People

The hard surface of tile flooring makes it easy to clean which is an advantage, but on other side, it is a disadvantage as well because many people don’t feel it comfortable. When you need to stand on the floor for a long time, you can feel pain so it is not a good choice in that case.

2. Cold in Winter


During the winter season, the surface of the tile floor is very cold. It becomes difficult to walk barefooted on tile flooring in cold areas. Other than this, it also makes the room cold enough during the winter season and you need to use extra units to maintain the temperature.

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3. Difficult to Install


It is difficult to install the tile floor if you want to do it yourself. Those who love DIY flooring, it is not a good choice for them as they can give it a try but they won’t be able to do it perfectly. In such cases, you need to get the help of tile installation Atlanta so that they can do the job for you with perfection.

4. More in Weight

Though it depends on the material you use, most of the tiles have a lot of weight. So overall, tile flooring is heavier than most of the other flooring options like carpet flooring. This extra weight of tile flooring makes it a bad choice for floors of upper stories.

Final words

These were the few advantages and disadvantages of tile flooring. Now you have to decide what you want on your floor. You can decide yourself what disadvantage can be overlooked how you can get benefitted from the tile flooring.

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