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Advantages and Disadvantages of Wheeled Backpacks | Travelers Guide

pros cons wheeled backpacks

If you are a frequent traveler and you are looking to buy a new backpack for you, then you could have found a wheeled backpack as well in your search. You might be confused as many other buyers who are not sure about the pros and cons of wheeled backpacks.


Just like anything else, a wheeled backpack also has some advantages and disadvantages. In this article, I will try my best to list down the good things about these backpacks and also list a few things that are not great.

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Advantages of Wheeled Backpacks

Here are a few pros of wheeled backpacks that you would love a lot:

Wheeled Backpacks are Versatile

advantages disadvantages of wheeled backpacks


Versatility is the obvious advantage of this kind of bag. This is good for both types of travelers. Those who want to use a traditional trolley bag can wheel it along with them and those who love the backpacks can carry it on their bag all the way long.


Appearance of These Travel Bags

Another great advantage of this type of travel bag is its appearance. Backpacks are more common in seasoned travelers because of the ease they provide. But if you are not a seasoned traveler and you want to avoid hardcore travelers staring at you carrying a trolley bag then this wheeled backpack is perfect for you.

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It provides you a look at both types of travel bags. You can use it as a traditional travel bag that can be wheeled along and it can also be used as a traveler backpack whenever required.

Give Your Back a Rest

You can use a traditional backpack only on your back that sometimes make your traveling more difficult. Carrying a lot of weight all the time can hurt your back and can cause pain.

wheeled backpack cons

So, if you are on a long tour, you can carry your wheeled backpack on the straight road on its wheels that give some rest to your back. While you can throw it on your back again once you pass through a place that has some dirt or uneven surface.


So, a wheeled backpack is perfect for your traveling as it will not only suitable for every traveling trip, but it also gives some rest to your back.

More Space

A wheeled backpack provides more space than a trolley bag. You can attach an extra daypack with it to carry more stuff. You will also get more pockets and organizers in a wheeled backpack which is a big advantage.

wheeled backpack pros

Some of the latest high-quality backpacks also have a separate space to keep your power bank and charge your mobile or laptop on the go.

Disadvantages of Wheeled Backpacks

There are a few things that are not so great in a wheeled backpack and I would like to list these cons here as well:

Weight of Wheeled Backpacks

It is very obvious that a wheeled backpack has an extra weight of its wheels and the handle which makes it more heavier than a simple traveler backpack. If you have to carry this backpack on your shoulders for a longer period of time, then you might feel pain in your back.

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A medium-size wheeled backpack is around 4KG in weight and sometimes more than this. But if you don’t have to carry it on your back all the time and if you can take it along with you on its wheels then its extra weight is not a big deal.

disadvantages wheeled backpacks

Sometimes Not Comfortable

Though, this problem is only associated with the low quality and cheap wheeled backpacks. Still, it is a major disadvantage. Sometimes the fixed back handle and the wheels can increase the level of discomfort for you if these are not according to your height.

Backpacks from a good brand will not be a problem as you can adjust its back system according to your comfort and you can also detach it if required. You might get a good replacement for this from London fog luggage bags.

Some models can also become more uncomfortable if their wheels hit your back a little bit. So, if you buy a wheeled backpack, always go for a good and high-quality brand to avoid the discomfort.

Final words

Just like any other bag, a wheeled backpack has its own pros and cons which I have listed here. Some might be relevant to you while some might not be. So, always consider each and everything before you buy a backpack for your next trip. It will help you in getting the best backpack that can make your trip much comfortable.


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