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Advantages and Disadvantages Of Old Age Homes Healthy Debate

Last updated on April 6, 2019


old age homes advantages and disadvantages

The concept of old age house is not a new one, you can find various old people houses all around the world. Usually, in European countries, you can notice the trend of residential care homes for the elderly increasing every passing day. While in Asian countries like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, it is difficult to find good old age homes.

There are two entirely different views about old age homes advantages and disadvantages, according to some people it is a very good idea to send your parents to old age house whereas others don’t like this idea, in fact, they can’t even think about it to send their parents to an old age home.


On our forum, we had a healthy debated on the topic, and we will discuss a few points discussed in that debate about the advantages and disadvantages of old age homes.

Advantages of Old Age Homes

  • A strong point of the debate was in today’s society, usually, parents work hard all their life for their children and when the children grow up, they took all the wealth and the saving of the parents. And it is a fact that parents never hesitate to spend their money on the better future of the kids. So people who think having old age homes is a good idea, they strongly believe that when parents have spent all their money on their children and children don’t care about the parents and sometimes they threw them out of the house, then parents must have a secure place to spend their life. There is no better idea than sending the parents to old age homes rather than throwing them out of the home.
  • Another point for having elderly care house is that in this age of competition when a boy grows up and he starts his job he doesn’t have enough time to take care of his parents. Mostly in European countries or even in Asian countries, you can find a trend that husband and the wife, both doing the job to cover their monthly expenditures. So when son and the daughter in law, both are out of the house for work, there is no one to take care of the parents. Whereas, old people need special care. So it better to send them to an old age home for better care as compared to leave them home alone.
  • Residential homes for the elderly have a good staff and they provide good care for old people. They provide different facilities in the house and old people can also find their old friends in the same old people house. So they can spend their time happily with their friends and by getting good attention. Royston care home is one example of such old age house which can be a good and secure place for old people.
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disadvantages of old age homes

Disadvantages Of Old Age Homes

  • The main point which can force many children to say no to old age homes is that the administration of such houses doesn’t actually take care of the old people. All they need is to advertise their business and to earn money on the name of in-home nursing care for the elderly. They argue that, when the own child can’t take care of parents, then how can they expect the strangers can take care of old people? And believe us, this is the strongest argument which can’t be ignored in any case.
  • The old people are just like children, they can’t be treated as useless people. Just like a kid, asks a thing again and again and parents tell them every time, same way old people also ask about the same thing again and again because of their weak memory. In this case, a stranger who might be the staff member of old age house, can’t control the nerves and he/she can behave in bad manners with the old people, which can hurt them a lot.
  • Another point which is a big disadvantage of old age home, emotional attachment with any person is very important. When you are emotionally close to one person and for any reason, you are not able to see that person, there are chances that it can affect your health. Parents have very strong emotional bonding with their children, so in the old age house, they are not able to see their children or even the grandson or granddaughter, they will get stressed which will affect them badly.
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These are the few points about the advantages and disadvantages of old age homes. Now whether you want to send your parents to an old age home is your own decision, if you believe that they can have better care in the old people house then you should send them there. If you can take good care of your parents yourself then there is no need to send your parents to residential homes for the elderly.


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