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Advantages of Eating Chinese Food

Last updated on September 28, 2017

chinesse food
Confucius and Taoism have significantly made contributions to the art of Chinese food making. Preparation of Chinese food is not an easy task because it requires expertise and several years of experience to learn the way of Chinese food making. The skill of crafting vegetables into small bits is not known by many people. It is mandatory that all the vegetables that are used in Chinese food must be cut into bite-size pieces. Chinese dinner tables are served without a knife so it is required that all the vegetables and meat must be cut into small bits. It is also necessary to maintain a proper ratio of all ingredients that are used in Chinese food. The element of color and taste are also very important to maintain the consistency of Chinese food.

As very little oil is used, Chinese food has many advantages over other kinds of cuisines. It is known to increase age and longevity and have various kinds of healing powers. It is also found that this food has got ample medicinal value. As butter, thick cream and any kind of cheese are not used in the preparation of Chinese food, it can only be prepared with polyunsaturated oils. Although beef and chicken is used in some dishes it is used in average amounts so high levels of harmful animal fat and bad cholesterol can be avoided. Emphasis is always on health, so Chinese food is an ideal food in true terms.

Traditional Chinese food consists of dishes made up of rice, long noodles, and vegetables but variations can be added to it. Sesame chicken can be used instead of cashew chicken. These dishes can be further changed to increase the nutritive value. Chinese fired rice contain high amounts of bad cholesterol so instead of using white rice, brown rice can be used. By this, the cholesterol will be reduced and the taste can also be maintained. Soy sauce is a major ingredient of Chinese cuisine and it is considered as less healthy because of its high sodium content. The safest type of dishes for your health is steamed or stir-fried vegetables as they consist of very little or no oil.

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Chinese food can also be used by someone who is on a diet because they contain more vegetables. These vegetables, when served with sauces, serve as a source of healthy and complete nutrition. Meat and other poultry items are never served as a single entity but they are only found mixed with vegetables. This makes it a meal of choice over the oil-rich foods of European and American origin. Authentic Chinese Food is also very cheap and offers nutritional value to the same extent as other costly foods. The famous Congee (rice soup) is a desired and healthy breakfast that is known throughout Asia. It can also be used as a food therapy for different purposes. A Chinese food that consists of less salt, lots of vegetables and little oil can be a choice for healthy food.

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