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Advantages of Starting a Business in US as a Non-Resident

US Business as Non Residents

The United States of America is one of the best countries in the world to start a new business. Different states in the US have different business laws and different taxation. But they all offer amazing benefits to business offer.

Not only this, the US Government and individual states also offer facilities to non-residents who want to start their business in the US. Even a business visa for US is not a difficult process to start.

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Tax Benefits

Taxes are something that should be considered by every firm. The tax system in the United States is advantageous to commercial enterprises, and it provides a wide variety of legal structures that, in addition to providing tax benefits, shield business owners from personal accountability.

The United States Department of the Treasury provides a variety of tax programs for firms, particularly those that are considered to be small businesses.

The federal government of the United States takes preventative measures regarding these tax advantages. For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, politicians enacted the American Rescue Plan Act, which provided employee retention credits as well as paid leave credits.

The United States of America offers a favorable environment for businesses and makes consistent efforts to entice businesspeople from other countries.

Market and Financial Access in the United States

The United States of America is home to a diversified and wealthy collection of some of the most renowned individuals in the field of venture capital worldwide.

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When you establish a company in the United States, you automatically obtain access to the substantial investment market that exists here.

Because of this, many new businesses in the technology sector choose to establish themselves in the United States. Check out how to get a US visa for Portugues citizens in order to start a business in US as a non-resident

However, the economic systems of different states operate somewhat differently. Delaware is the state that excels the most when it comes to luring venture capital.

Delaware is home to some of the nation’s most pro-business legislation regarding corporations. Consider forming a C Corporation in the state of Delaware if you are developing a significant firm with the intention of attracting venture capital investors.


The United States of America enjoys a superb standing in the global economy. Not only does the nation have the biggest nominal gross domestic output, but it also has the largest nominal net worth in the world.

Neither of these accolades is a fluke. The nation takes great pride in the highly developed market economy that it has fostered.

Businesses that operate on a worldwide scale can benefit from this excellent reputation. On the international scene, American companies have a high level of respect.

When it comes to running a successful company, branding is essential, and the economic brand associated with the United States is solid.

Cost-effective Setup and Maintenance

The ease with which businesses can operate in the United States is ranked sixth best in the world by the World Bank’s 2020 report. This position was achieved by the nation by providing minimal setup fees and convenient remote procedure options.

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The state in which a firm is first established determines the individual startup costs that must be paid.

For instance, the initial registration price for a foreign corporation in the United States might be as little as $20 in the state of Wisconsin, yet the fee can be as high as $750 in the states of Texas and South Dakota.

Even the most expensive state is a significant bargain compared to other countries, particularly when one takes into account the unwritten expenses that are associated with doing business in certain locations.

In the United States, the process of dissolving a business is likewise rather inexpensive. In the majority of cases, dissolving a business entity does not incur any fees.

Final Words

In addition, running a business in the United States is simple and uncomplicated because it is possible for it to be wholly owned by a foreign entity, and all that is required to do so is to pay annual reporting costs.

There is no requirement for a CPA audit on a yearly basis or for a nominated director to be found within the country.

Ultimately, starting a company in the United States provides a lot of potential upsides and only a few relatively minor drawbacks.

While preserving an atmosphere that is favorable to business, the government provides a wide variety of resources for international businesspeople and investors.

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