Advantages of playing Indoor and Outdoor Games

health benefits of playing bowling

According to a WHO report, boys are addicted to playing video games more than the girls and in the latest study published on 2nd January 2018, WHO recognized video game addiction as a mental disease. The doctors believe that problems in the young generation are increasing because they don’t like to play outdoor games or the indoor games which involve physical activity. The easy access to play video games on gaming consoles and even on mobiles make the kids addicted to these games and it affects them in different ways.

This is the reason that doctors and physicians try to convince their patients to play outdoor games and those indoor games which involves a lot of physical activities. Bowling is a good indoor game while golf can be considered a decent outdoor game for youngsters.

Few Health Benefits of Bowling

Bowling is a good indoor game that involves a lot of physical activity and it has a lot of health benefits for every age of people. Few benefits are listed below:

  • Strengthening the Muscles: Bowling is a good game to strengthen the muscles. When you carry a heavy bowling ball in your hand and walks a lot your body muscles gets strong. Bowling involves a lot of walking and when you swing your arm to through the bowling ball, it helps your enough exercise to your ligaments, tendons, muscles &  joints in your arms. It is also good for the back as well.
  • Easy To Learn: Bowling is an ‘easy to learn’ game and even kids can learn the bowling very easily.  You just need to know what is a perfect score in bowling and how to swing the ball to get that maximum score in fewest tries.
  • Weight Loss: While there are many other methods which can be used to lose weight by burning fats, bowling is another way to achieve that goal. While you constantly move in a small area to pick the ball and then through the ball, it speeds up the metabolism which is good to burn the extra fats to convert those fats into energy.

  • Stress relief: Bowling involves a lot of physical activity and it helps to relieve the stress of all the hard work you do all the day. Bowling also good to make the new connections with the people and increase your social circle. While you are more social you have more opportunities to interact with them and get more advice for different problems which can easily relief your stress.

Why Golf is Best Outdoor Game

why play golf

Although there are so many outdoor games and you can have easy access to grounds for those games like football and cricket. But Golf is the best outdoor game despite the fact there are fewer golf courses around you. Even then I consider it the best outdoor game because it involves a walk, walk and walk. You have to walk all the day during the game from one part of the golf course to the other part. There is no need to discuss the health benefits of golf here as these are obvious.

If you want to learn how to play golf, here is a complete guide for beginners.

The only problem in golf is that it is an expensive game but you can find cheap golf balls and clubs from the internet. You can read more cheap golf balls here.

The best part of the golf game is that it does not involve excess exercise and you don’t need to sprint like you need in Football or Cricket. For this reason, golf is the best outdoor game as anyone can play this and modest walking during the game is very useful for the body as each part of the body is involved in this game. Moreover, the atmosphere of the golf course is very good for the heart as there are a lot of trees and greenery and the atmosphere have fresh and clean air. So it has a lot of health benefits while you play golf because of physical activity and intaking the fresh air.

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