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6 Best Adventurous Things To Do in Ottawa

Last updated on January 21, 2023


There are numerous thrilling and one-of-a-kind experiences to be had in Ottawa, and as a result, the city is well suited to serve as the setting for an unforgettable holiday for both families and couples.

People’s first thoughts, when they consider going to Ottawa, are almost usually of touring the Parliament buildings and going ice skating on the Rideau Canal. Both of these activities are perennial favourites.

But if museums and seeing government buildings aren’t your thing, you’ll be happy to know that Ottawa has a lot more to offer.

Paddleboard with Urban Ocean

Imagine yourself paddling down the Gatineau River while looking up at the amazing buildings that make up Ottawa’s Parliament Hill.

Urban Ocean Ottawa is the first Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Center to operate in Eastern Ontario, and they now provide certification, tuition, tours, and even SUP yoga!

Because it is both one of the most original and one of the most enjoyable things to do in Ottawa, we have placed it in the most prominent position possible.

You will come away with a tour that begins at the yacht club and takes you to the Rideau Canal Locks, Parliament Buildings, and the Supreme Court of Canada before taking you out to the middle of the river for an amazing and breathtaking view of Gatineau and Ottawa.

BiPlane Flight

I had no idea that the Canada Air and Space Museum offered regular flights in an authentic World War II biplane during the summer months; but, they do. The museum is located in Ottawa.

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We took off in a Waco UPF-7 open-cockpit biplane from about the year 1939 and sat side by side for the entire 25-minute trip that took us over the Downtown Ottawa and Gatineau Hills, including a flyover of the Parliament Buildings.

Before heading back to the runway, our pilot performed a few aerial acrobatics over Gatineau. That was such a laugh! If you have all the required documents you can avoid visa rejection and can get your Canada visa for Spanish citizens.

Hiking Gatineau

I am aware that the topic of this article is intended to be things to do in Ottawa; yet, Gatineau and Ottawa are inextricably linked. Gatineau is a city in Quebec that sits directly across the river from Ottawa, the capital city of Ontario.

The two cities are connected by bridges, water taxis, and ferries, all of which work wonderfully well together and complement one another. There are some fantastic hiking routes, museums, and nightlife in Gatineau.

But what we cherish the most is time spent in nature. It is imperative that you make your way out to Gatineau Park while you are in Ottawa.

Gatineau Park

Trails crisscross Gatineau Park, a conservation area that spans 365 square kilometres (139 square miles) in size. One of the entrances is located a scant four kilometres away from the heart of Ottawa.

There are 165 kilometres of hiking routes in Gatineau, in addition to 90 kilometres of mountain biking paths. While we were there, there were quite a few people riding their bicycles on the roads.

You are welcome to visit the 231-hectare (acre) estate that once belonged to Canada’s 10th Prime Minister, William Lyon Mackenzie. Beaches, camping, and canoeing are all available here.

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Whitewater Rafting

Rafting on the Ottawa River is often regarded as among the highest-quality whitewater rafting found anywhere on the planet. The river’s class 5 rapids are popular destinations for experienced kayakers and rafters.

Three different rafting companies can be found within an hour’s drive of the downtown area of Ottawa. If you know the process of submitting a visa application, you will know it is easy to have your Canada visa for Danish citizens.

These companies offer a variety of rafting trips, so customers may select the one that best suits their needs. There are even more intimate quick tours that are tailored to fit the needs of families.

Carbide Wilson Ruins

This hike is an easy track to find and is a scenic walk along the lakes and through the forest. The journey takes around 30 minutes.

It concludes at the laboratory and summer home of the inventor Thomas Wilson, who was the first to discover the commercial chemical known as calcium carbide.

He built a mansion and a dam in the midst of the forest so that he could work in peace and privacy without worrying about other people taking credit for his ideas.

The home and dam are still standing and are located in a gorgeous setting; it is widely considered to be one of the most Instagrammable locations in the Ottawa Area.

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