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Alex Rodriguez Never Cheated On Jennifer Lopez: Says Madison LeCroy


The internet is burning with the rumors of Madison LeCroy and Alex Rodriguez’s affairs and it is said that Alex Rodriguez has cheated on his fiance Jennifer Lopez as he was in touch with Madison LeCroy.


If we believe that these rumors are true and we believe that Alex Rodriguez cheated on Jennifer Lopez as he hooked up with Madison LeCroy who is a reality TV star then the paradise of JLO and Alex is in big trouble.

The rumors were all around when Danni Baird added fuel to fire regarding these rumors by addressing this issue.

She said that her co-star Madison LeCroy told her something about it but he didn’t take it seriously and forget about it. Danni said that she (Madison LeCroy) told me that they are Facetiming or something like this.

Danni added that she gets an idea that there is something between both of them. Click here to check more details about the issue of Danni Baird and Alex Rodriguez.

Now, there is the latest update regarding the issue as Madison LeCroy got the courage and breaks her silence over this cheating issue.


30 years old Madison admits that he used to talk to Alex Rodriguez over the phone and Facetime. She said they have random calls, but don’t talk frequently.

With that, she denied the speculations about Alex cheating on his fiance. She said that I was in contact with him but we don’t have any physical relationship. She makes it clear that Alex Rodriguez never cheated on his fiance Jennifer Lopez with her.

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Madison LeCroy clarifies that all the calls between her and Alex were innocent, and there was nothing physical between them. She said, we are innocent and we were never been physical.

About the rumors about Madison flew to Miami, she said you can put me on a lie detector, you can test me by any way, I was never been to Miami with Alex Rodriguez if there is anything like this, where are the proofs of the flights?

She said, Alex contacted me, we made the direct messages but I have never seen him physically, I have never touched him physically. “We never had any kind of anything”, she added.


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