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All Secret Codes To Check Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+ Phone Models

Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are the two latest flagship models of Samsung mobile. This is also the top-selling mobile model all over the world and its sale is more than Apple’s iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Because of the popularity of Samsung mobiles, there are so many companies making replicas of different Samsung phone models. Many mobile users when buying used Samsung mobile they buy a fake mobile or china copy of the original Samsung mobile phone.

For this reason, Samsung has provided different secret codes to check the mobile in details. One can easily find a code to check Samsung phone model is original or fake. You can find many people on the internet and they ask how to know original Samsung phone and fake Samsung phone differences. With different Samsung short codes, they can easily find out which Samsung phone is original and which one is the replica.

Watch the video below, you will find all Samsung secret codes for Galaxy S8 and S8 plus, that might be helpful for testing a Samsung mobile. These shortcodes provide different information to the user like the firmware version, build version, software version, battery status, sensors information, original or fake Samsung mobile and much more. You can try these codes on your own mobile models as most of the codes work on all Galaxy models.


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  1. Zeeshan Haider March 22, 2018

    Very nice. I tried these Samsung secret codes on my Galaxy S8 and all are working fine. I am glad that my Samsung is original and all its functions are working properly.

    Thanks for sharing the video.

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