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Temp Mail: The best way to avoid email Spam & Scam

avoid temp mail spam

Many internet users feel bad when they start getting so may promotional or spam emails directory into their mailboxes. Some of these emails came from the mail bots who generate spammy emails to promote a product or to get sensitive information by phishing method. Though these emails are a security threat as it can spoil the privacy of a user; but the good thing is that many free email providers have good spam catching filters and such emails directly go to SPAM or Junk folder.


So one doesn’t need to worry about such type of Spammy emails, but in some cases, users are also worried for the promotional emails which they don’t want to receive, and email service providers don’t consider such emails as a Spam. It usually happens when you register with your email address and agrees to their terms and conditions.

For example, when you register on a forum or community, you provide them your email and agree to the terms and conditions, you agree that you have no objection in receiving promotional emails from that forum. In such a case, there is no rescue from the email service provider.

Or, sometimes you need to download an ebook and or you need to ask a question on a blog, so you must have to provide your email for that purpose. After some time you start getting emails from them. Though you can add filters to send such emails to the spam folder or any other folder, but this is not the proper solutions.


Temp Email is a new technology and the best solution for such problems. As the name suggests, it’s a temporary email address which gets deleted after some time. This temp email service is not good if you want to get a permanent email or as a personal email. But for registering on a forum where you need to provide your email only for once just to get the confirmation email after registration or for getting the ebook download link, this temp mail service is the best solution.

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The best thing about temp mail is that you don’t need to get registered and don’t need to provide your personal details like email username, your complete name, mobile number, password or anything else. You will get a temporary email and direct access to your temp mailbox where you can receive the email from a forum community or a blog.

After getting the email, you can click on activation or download link and the same email will get deleted after some time like after 10 minutes or after an hour. So you don’t need to provide your personal email address on any forum where you need an email to use only once. Temp email is the best solution for you as it allows you to receive the emails and also you won’t get spam or promotional emails to your personal email address.

If you use a temporary email service, all your personal data will be private. Like your IP address or any other sensitive information will not be shared with the email sender. You should try for once to get your temp mail and you can use it to create your Facebook ID, Forum profile or for any other purpose as well.


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