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Some of the Reasons and Benefits of Living in New Zealand

Living in New Zealand

Excellent Climate All Year

New Zealand enjoys a warm and temperate temperature throughout the year, with more sunny days than cloudy ones.

However, while the South Island may get snow during the winter, the North Island remains warm and sunny.

Many recreational opportunities exist outside throughout the year, making this country a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. In New Zealand, you can go surfing in the afternoon after a morning of skiing down the mountain.

Wild, Unspoiled Nature

How often do you find yourself admiring the beautiful landscapes in “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit?” Did you know the movies were shot in New Zealand in Hobbiton in Matamata? This is also one of the best places in New Zealand for a Honeymoon.

Even just a few kilometres from major cities, you may find plenty of wild and undeveloped landscapes. It will be like you’re the first person to set foot in that location.

New Zealand has one of the world’s most varied landscapes for such a compact area. You will find unspoilt beaches, jungles, deserts, fjords, glaciers, and mountains.

Peaceful and Well-Balanced Life

Everyday life in New Zealand is peaceful and easygoing. There isn’t a severe lack of space in major urban centres, and a rural resident may be several kilometres distant from their nearest neighbour.

New Zealand has a population density of just 18.4 persons per square kilometre (47 people per square mile). The population density per square kilometre in the UK is 281. (727 per square mile).

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The low population density is not the only factor contributing to the peace and serenity one finds on their regular strolls. Overtime is rarely required, and the country promotes a healthy work-life balance.

This in no way reflects on the work ethic or success rate of the Kiwi people. Due to their lack of an achievement-based culture, they look upon people of all economic and social backgrounds as being on equal footing.

Friendly Local People

In general, Kiwis are a kind and upbeat bunch. New Zealand is quite young in comparison to European countries. Native Maori people have only been in residence on the island for the past few hundred years.

New Zealand, like many other places, shows the effects of colonialism in the form of an immigrant-dominated society. However, New Zealanders rarely look into the past.

Their attitude toward people of different backgrounds, languages, and customs is one of openness, friendliness, and welcome. If people from Ireland wanted to visit New Zealand, they can get their New Zealand visa for Irish citizens on arrival.

New Zealand Citizenship

There is little to no distinction between permanent residency and citizenship under New Zealand law. Citizens have a number of rights extended to permanent residents, including the right to vote, freedom of movement within the country, and the ability to use publicly funded services such as healthcare and education.

Employment Possibilities

There is a lack of competent people in several sectors of the economy, including information technology, finance, healthcare, and tourism, as a result of the rapid economic growth and low population density.

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New Zealand has loosened up its immigration policies in order to attract and retain the workers, entrepreneurs, and cutting-edge firms necessary to fill these openings.

Check out our Working in New Zealand manual if you’re interested in learning more about the job market or starting a business in the country.

Healthcare That’s Easy to Get

Everyone, regardless of citizenship or immigration status, has access to publicly funded healthcare in New Zealand. Access to the country’s superior medical treatment is granted to all visitors with a valid visa, however additional payments may be required.

Note that public health insurance does not cover the expense of adult dental care. Read our comprehensive Healthcare in New Zealand guide if you have further questions regarding the system.

Excellent Schooling

Among the greatest in the world, New Zealand’s public school system has earned a stellar reputation. It is also free of charge, except for uniforms, books, and food.

In addition, there are several educational institutions that request annual gifts from their patrons. Check out this process of applying for a New Zealand visa for Czech citizens.

Low Crime Rate

New Zealand is ranked as the top 14 safest countries for ex-pats by the InterNations 2019 Expat Insider Index. When compared to other countries, New Zealand’s crime rate is incredibly low.

The 2019 Global Peace Index and the 2018 Corruption Perceptions Index both placed New Zealand in second place. When compared to other countries, political scandals here are very modest.

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