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5 Benefits of Storytelling and Story Books for your Children


No one can deny the benefits of storytelling for the kids especially when they are in the bed before sleep. The kids of 90’s might have the best memories when their parents tell them new stories every night before their night sleep. Even listening to the same story again and again was also very entertaining. If we look around now, the children play games on their smartphones or tablets before their night sleep.

Though games are also good for kids to learn new things, nothing else can beat the benefits of storytelling for kids. Here we will discuss a few advantages of storytelling.

A good way to aware kids about their culture

Storytelling using children books is a great way to provide the awareness to school going kids about their roots and the culture. Every society has different kid’s stories which have something related to their culture and small lessons to teach. If you try to educate your kids about your culture it won’t have a good effect as they don’t want to listen to you, but when you tell them a story using a storybook, they will listen to your and in that story they have lessons for the kids which they can easily understand and remember for a long time.

Introduce new vocabulary to children

Kids can learn any language at the age of 4 to 12. So in this age, if you tell different stories to your kids, you will introduce new vocabulary which will be good for the kids. They will ask you about the meaning of new words they listen and they will learn how to use that vocabulary in their routine communication. So what they can’t learn from their educational books, they can easily learn that from these small storytelling sessions using children storybooks.

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┘░Encourage Kids to Read Books

With storytelling session, you should also have children books which have the same stories that you tell them in the bed. Kids would love to read the same story themselves which will encourage them to read their school books, as well as their stamina of reading, will be improved. So you should buy good children books from your nearest shop or from an online store for your kids so that they can read their favorite stories themselves.

Improve listening skills

Most of the children don’t want to listen rather they want to talk most of the time. But if you tell them interesting stories, they will listen to you carefully, understand you and they will be more attentive. So, these storytelling sessions will also improve their listening skills.

Helps to face difficult situations

Most of the stories in every culture have moral lessons about the courage and the bravery of the heroes of that society. So with these sessions of storytelling, children learn that they should not give up too early and they have to try hard to achieve their goals.

So these are the 5 main benefits of storytelling which can’t be obtained by playing games or reading the same stories on the laptop.

Should we buy Children Books?

The obvious answer would be, Yes. You should buy the children books to encourage them reading books. This will also help them reading their school books as well. You can find various stores in Karachi and other cities where you can find old children books at a cheap price.

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It is good if you buy the books with good graphics and better printing. The graphical cartoons will attract the kids to read that book, again and again, to learn about that cartoon character or the sketches of the heroes of that society. is a good place to buy children books for your kids and get them delivered to your doorstep. They provide the imported books with excellent printing quality and great stories.

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