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Best Coffee Shops in Ottawa You’ll Love

Last updated on February 3, 2023

Best Coffee Shops in Ottawa

The following list is dedicated to those of you who are passionate about coffee and are looking for the top coffee shops in Ottawa. Delicious coffee, espresso drinks, and other beverages may be found at these Ottawa cafés.

During my time in Ottawa, I visited as many different coffee shops as possible in the short amount of time that I was there.

I really hope that this list of the greatest coffee shops in Ottawa helps you locate a brew that you will like. Perhaps you’ve lived in Ottawa all your life and are hoping to discover a fresh coffee shop in the area.

My recommendations for the top coffee shops in Ottawa, which you absolutely must visit, are as follows. Apart from these coffee shops in Ottawa, you must check this article about top things to know about Ottawa.

Happy Goat Coffee Company

The Happy Goat Coffee Company is well-known as a coffee roaster in the Ottawa area and also has a number of shops across the city.

In spite of the fact that they provide over one hundred of Ottawa’s restaurants and cafes with coffee, the best way to experience their product is by going to one of their own coffee shops and ordering a cup straight from the roaster. You won’t get a better cup of coffee anywhere else in Ottawa than here.

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The Happy Goat Coffee Company is committed to producing high-quality coffee and also participates in an environmental initiative known as the Zero Waste Coffee Project.

In case you get your Canada visa for Italy citizens approved, you must try this coffee cafe in Ottawa.

They tackle sustainability from both an environmental and an economic perspective. Happy Goat Coffee has a tight connection with its farmers, and the company strives to have an environmental footprint that is as near to zero as is practically feasible.

There are eleven sites in the city of Ottawa, one of which may be found within both the Alt Hotel and the National Gallery of Canada.

Cafe Morala

Cafe Morala, which takes great pride in serving the locally roasted Happy Goat Coffee, has the distinction of being Glebe’s oldest coffee establishment. Miriam, the proprietor, has made great efforts to create a warm and inviting atmosphere by often addressing guests by name.

It is a café that is privately owned, and in addition to that, it is an excellent place to have breakfast and lunch.

They provide over 15 different kinds of coffee beans and mixes, sourced from all around the globe, such as Brazilian Peaberry Dark and Ethiopian Yirgacheffe.

Morning Owl Coffee House

The Morning Owl Coffee House first opened its doors in 2009 and is known for serving coffee that is both organic and fair trade.

When you get your Canada visa for Japan citizens and you visit Ottawa, this is a must-visit coffee shop for the best taste.

They operate not just a mobile coffee van in Japan (which is so awesome! ), but also four coffee shops in the city of Ottawa, one in Manotick, one in Kanata, and even one in Kanata.

The proprietors have a deep appreciation for excellent coffee, and each latte is topped with an animal that has been painted on the froth.

The Creative Coffee Collective is at 5:2:8.

Visit the 5:2:8 Creative Coffee Collective immediately if you are interested in trying something fresh and cutting-edge for the first time.

This coffee shop in Ottawa is run by a group of people who are really enthusiastic about coffee, and they showcase the work of some of the most skilled and innovative micro-roasters from all over the globe.

Additionally, they have a deep concern for ecological balance and the natural world. 5:2:8 The Creative Coffee Collective exclusively sells its coffee in mugs that may be used several times.

You are free to bring your own mug, or you may join their RE-Cup program and borrow one of their special insulated stainless steel cups instead. Either way is OK with us.

The Bridgehead Roastery: Best Coffee Shops in Ottawa

When I search for “Bridgehead” on Google Maps, I get results for at least ten different sites in the downtown area of Ottawa. It should come as no surprise that this coffee shop is considered an icon in the city.

You really have to give it a go since it is widely considered to be one of the greatest coffee shops in Ottawa. They have completely refined the brewing process, which is another reason why I can see why their coffee is so popular.

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I went to an establishment that was located just across the street from Parliament Hill. After climbing all the way to the top of the Peace Tower first thing in the morning, I was in desperate need of a shot of coffee.

The actual café was cozy and friendly, without being too packed or loud at the same time. Because they provide baked products as well as lighter meals, Bridgehead is an option worth considering for lunch as well.

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