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Best Kids iPhone and iPad Apps for Fun and Learning

Last updated on October 28, 2017


If you are wondering what applications are best for your kids to use on your Apple device then here I am providing you a short list of great application for the entertainment and learning of your kids. Just install these applications on your iPhone or iPad and let your kids to learn from these applications or to enjoy their free time by playing games or watching their favorite cartoon shows.

Zangu by AITeachU: Zangu is one of the best language learning apps for kids which is based on artificial intelligence. The best part of this language learning application is that it doesn’t have a single lesson that kids need to memorize. This is total fun games which are based on different puzzles and fun activities which are very useful to learn the new languages every two months. Whether you are a Kid or an adult, you can use this application to learn new languages or to improve your speaking capability for any foreign language with proper punctuation and accent.

Zangu is a paid application and it has a subscription fee on $15 per month. But every person at your home can use this application to learn the language of their own choice.

Cartoon HD: Kids from 2 to 9 years like to spend their most free time in watching cartoons. Even teenagers also love to watch cartoons so why don’t have a great application in your iPhone to watch your favorite cartoon shows anytime anywhere? Here you can find Cartoon HD iOS version and install it on your iPhone or iPad then your kids can enjoy their favorite cartoon characters on your Smartphone with you.

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Angry Birds: A very old game but still most of the people have this game on their Android and iOS Smartphone. Kids can easily learn to play this fun game and there is nothing that can stop your kids to play this game. It is easy to understand, sound effects are good for the kids and little angry birds are fun to deal with. You might already have this game on your phone, just allow your kids to play Angry Birds.

Math Bingo: I would say this is the best application for school going kids. They can learn different arithmetic functions like addition and subtraction with this Math Bingo fun to play app. It has a scoring method to encourage kids to get best scores, the more quickly they answer the questions more marks they will get, and negative scoring is also there if they give the wrong answer.

So with Math Bingo, kids will learn how to solve their papers quickly and avoid giving wrong answers. These four great applications or must have apps for every parent to educate and to entertain the kids.

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