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How my 5 years old child learn English in just 2 months

Last updated on October 1, 2017

english language learning app

I live in Mumbai India and I am a local Indian citizen who has not a good education. I have completed all my studies from government Hindi medium schools which are not usually good for learning good things. That was the reason that I couldn’t learn the foreign languages especially English which is very important nowadays because it is the best communication language that can be understood all around the world. Because of this, I wanted my kids to learn languages other than Hindi so that they can become more successful than me and because of this reason I sent my kids to the best private school in my town which is very popular because of its good faculty. I was quite happy with the results as my child was able to speak few English words and he also knew the counting and can also read few words with spells.

But one day I met a little kid who lived in my neighborhood who was classmate of my child and then I’d noticed that this kid was very fluent in English language and he was talking in English language just live native speakers whereas my child was not able to talk fluently in English, he was even not able to speak a complete sentence, he could only speak some words and knew the meaning of those words in Hindi. I was amazed at the speaking capabilities of the other kid and then I decided to met his parents. They told me that school studies are same for both the kids and they were also not good in English but the difference between both the kids was due to a language learning app called Zangu. That app was installed on the iPad of that kid and he uses that app for only two months and after that, they found a lot of improvements in his English speaking.

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Then I also installed Zangu app on my iPad and I told my kids how to use the app. The app was very easy to use and it is a fun for kids. This app consists of different fun drills and puzzles and kids take this app as a fun and entertainment app. My kid who spend few hoursĀ on games now he uses this language learning app most of the time and I have seen a huge difference in just 6 weeks. Now he speaks English with proper pronunciation and his accent is also very good. With just a subscription fee of $15 for one month, I am very happy to have this iOS app with me. Now only my child is speaking fluently in English but I am also improving my English language skills using this fun app.

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