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Best Modern Muslim Baby Boy and Baby Girl Names With Meaning

Last updated on November 19, 2021


For a newly married couple, the first wish they have is to get blessed with a beautiful baby who could be the symbol of their love. A woman doesn’t feel herself a complete woman unless she became a mother of a child and more than 95% of women want to give birth to a child right after their marriage.

And after giving birth to a child there are a few things that parents should take care of from the medical and Islamic point of view. If you get a baby boy then you need to carry out the boy’s circumcision which is a Sunnah of Prophet Ibrahim A.S and then shaving the head for the first time is also Sunnah. These are the few acts that are closely related to Islamic traditions.

After that, you need to take your child to the hospital to start the proper vaccination to save your child from common diseases. These vaccinations save your child from Polio and other harmful diseases.

In Pakistan and most of the other countries, this vaccination is provided for free by the government and you can find the schedule of this vaccination easily on the official website of the government of Pakistan.

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Apart from all these, the most important thing is to give a name to your child. Whether it’s a baby boy or a baby girl parents want to give a name to their newborn baby and many parents already decided by mutual understanding that what name they will give in case of a baby boy or a baby girl. In some families, grandparents are responsible to give a name to their grandson or granddaughter.

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As a Muslim and as a person who lives in the Islamic community, most people want to give their child an Islamic name. Most of the Islamic names are taken from the Holy Book of Muslims i.e Qur’an.

Muslim Baby Boy Names With Meaning

Muslim parents are very conscious about the meaning of the names they are giving to their newborn babies. If parents are blessed with a baby boy, they start searching for Islamic names for boys from Quran or Islamic names for girls from Quran in case they are blessed with a baby girl.

They also want to know Islamic names meanings in Urdu because in Islamic communities people are very much concerned about the meaning of the name. Name which don’t have good meaning or which are remembered because of some bad personalities, people don’t want to call their kids with those names.

So all the parents search on Google or ask the people around them for the best Islamic names for boys with meanings or in the case of a baby girl the search for Islamic names for girls with meanings.

Whether they want Islamic names for boys or they want Islamic names for girls, there are a lot of websites in Pakistan that provide them a huge collection of these Islamic names, or even they can suggest some modern Islamic names for boys and girls. So we will also provide a good list here of the best Islamic names for boys and girls to our readers.

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