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Top 5 Best Opportunities in Canada for Immigrants in Business Sector

Last updated on August 1, 2022

Business Opportunities in Canada for Immigrants

More than 8.3 million people are employed by Canada’s small and medium-sized businesses, which account for 99.8 percent of the country’s total company population.

Considering that small businesses are responsible for almost 38.4 percent of Canada’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), it is clear that starting a business in Canada is not only the best but also one of the most lucrative options available to people who are thinking about immigrating there for business purposes.

If you are trying to get your business visa for Canada, then you should know that these are the 5 best business opportunities in Canada for immigrants.


One of the most important and lucrative industries in Canada is the agriculture and agri-food sector, which accounts for $49 billion of the country’s total gross domestic product.

Because of the strong demand for workers in specific sectors, it is simpler to locate qualified and skilled people in jobs such as those listed below.

As a result, immigration to Canada for the purpose of doing business is an option that is considered to be very viable.

The Canadian provinces of Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Alberta, and British Columbia are among the most popular destinations for immigrants seeking agricultural business prospects.

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Accommodation and Food Services

The hotel and food services industry in Canada is a flourishing sector, and despite the present pause imposed due to the COVID-19 lockdown, it is anticipated that the industry would bounce back once limitations have been lifted after the lockdown has been lifted.

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Serving food and beverages, for example, is an occupation that is in high demand in the tourism and hospitality industry. As a result, it should not be difficult for you to find staff members who have the experience and skills necessary to make your business a resounding success in occupations such as this one.

When contemplating corporate immigration to Canada, the provinces of British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Prince Edward Island, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland and Labrador should all be on your list of potential destinations.

Wholesale & Retail

Despite the fact that Canada’s wholesale and retail industry suffered a mild setback toward the close of 2019, retail expanded consistently on a month-to-month basis throughout the year 2020.

After the COVID-19 dust settles, it is anticipated that there will be a significant increase in the number of businesses engaged in wholesale and retail trade.

It includes but is not limited to general merchandise, automobile and parts shops, and gas stations. As the pandemic caused by the Coronavirus continues to spread throughout the world, there has been a significant increase in the requirement for medical supplies.

When weighing your options for business immigration to Canada, you may want to consider provinces like Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, and Alberta because research shows that they have shown significant growth over the previous years.

These provinces are examples of those that you may want to consider. Check this guide to get a Canada visa for Lithuanian citizens so that you can start your business in Canada as an immigrant.

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Investors in businesses and those who are thinking of immigrating to Canada for their businesses have found the construction to be a reliable investment.

Because of the rise in the number of new construction projects across the country, there is a call for an increase in the number of construction companies to help shoulder the burden and fulfill the requirements of various Canadian provinces and territories.

The business sector, as opposed to the residential sector, has shown far more growth in the areas that have been examined.

Ontario has a significant demand for international skilled employees such as project directors, general construction laborers, and construction managers who want to immigrate to Canada through Canada’s construction industry.

Services in the Fields of Professionalism, Science, and Technology

The professional, scientific, and technical sectors of Canada provide a reliable source of revenue and are an excellent choice for individuals who are interested in making successful business investments in Canada or immigrating to Canada for business-related reasons.

Alberta and Ontario, both of which have demonstrated significant growth over a previous couple of years, are two provinces that should be considered for the establishment of a business.

Final Words

Because of the rapid expansion of these industries, certain Canadian provinces, like British Columbia and Ontario, have established immigration programs that are tailored specifically to the needs of technology workers in order to meet the requirements of an expanding market.

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