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Top 4 Best Places To Eat in Perth City: Best Food in Perth WA

Best Places To Eat in Perth City

The biggest city in Western Australia is Perth. It is also the capital of WA. The population of the city is 2,067,330 in 2021, and the metropolitan area covers almost 6,418 km2. This is the reason why Perth is the biggest city in Western Australia.

The beautiful city has become a great attraction for tourists because of its natural beauty and delicious food in Perth.

According to the Perth tourism department, more than 4.5 million people traveled to Perth last year. These stats show that Perth is a safe and economical city to travel to in 2021. The estimated cost of living in Perth for a single person is $970 / month without rent.

A single-person living cost was very high back in 2014. But now, according to the above statistics, you can visit Perth and spend quality time with your loved ones even on a low budget.

Eating good food, visiting different places, and having economic residence are the main concerns of any tourist. In this article, you will learn about where to eat traditional and continental food in Perth city. We are sharing these details for those who are moving to Perth.

4 Best Places To Eat in Perth

Here is the list of a few top restaurants in Perth that are considered to be the best places to eat in Perth city:

1- Balthazar

Balthazar Perth Restaurant

Balthazar is one of the best restaurants in Perth city when it comes to delicious food. The beef tartare with tuna mayonnaise is their chef’s special dish. If you are a beef lover, then do not miss this dish. In desserts, the chocolate truffle is so delicious.

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Balthazar is an economical restaurant and just a 6-minute drive away from central Perth city. You can hire a Maxi Taxi to reach Balthazar restaurant. Address: 6 The Esplanade, Perth WA 6000.

These days Balthazar is open for dine-in only. The service options can be changed according to emergencies. Therefore, it is safe to visit their website before visiting the restaurant.

Without any doubt, Balthazar is one of the best places to eat in Perth city with your family.

2- Coco’s Restaurant


Another restaurant the offers quality food in Perth is Coco’s Restaurant. Besides the delicious food, another incredible feature of the restaurant is its location. Coco’s restaurant is right on the bank of the Swan River.

The beauty of the place becomes double in the evening when the lights of Perth city reflect on the crystal clear water. It makes the place the best place to eat in Perth.

If you are a tourist and coming to Perth for the first time, Coco’s restaurant is worth visiting. The restaurant is renowned for its very palatable seafood. If you are coming for business meetings or family dinner, Coco restaurant is the number one place to impress your loved ones.

The main course of the restaurant is seafood. Atlantic Salmon grilled, served with a citrus hollandaise sauce, is worth a try. Moreover, inside order, you can try salads and mouthwatering Grilled Chicken.

The restaurant accepts various payment methods like credit cards, American Express, Visa, and Master Cards. You can also avail of up to 50% discount on all food items on Wednesday & Thursday evenings.

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You can reach the restaurant in just 10-15 minutes. Coco’s restaurant is not too far from central Perth city.

3- Drasko’s Hot Chicken

Drasko’s Hot Chicken

Another significant point for food lovers in Perth is Drasko’s Hot Chicken. As the name suggests, the main course of the restaurant is chicken. They offer the best Chicken burger in the city.

The best thing about the restaurant is its hygienic food. The chicken they used is fried in 100% GMO-free, cold-pressed canola oil.

Apart from these, buns, pickles, and hot sauces they offer are made with organic ingredients and zero junk. So if you are a health-conscious person, Drasko’s Hot Chicken is the best restaurant made for you.

You can find the restaurant at this location 148 Scarborough Beach Road. Mount Hawthorn, Western Australia. If you are coming directly from the Perth airport, Draskos Hot Chicken is just a 25-minutes drive away.

So, when you are looking for the best food in Perth, then don’t ignore Drasko’s Hot Chicken.

4- Madalena’s Bar

Madalena's Bar Perth

Another name of the real taste in Perth is Madalena’s bar. You can find the restaurant at 406 South Terrace, South Fremantle WA 6162, Australia. Madalena’s bar is a 30-minutes drive away from Perth city via State Route 2.

This is the best place to find quality food in south Perth. The main course of the restaurant is seafood. School of prawns and the octopus are their special dishes and are loved by locals.

Due to covid-19 & Government policies, the restaurant taking bookings & walk-ins.

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Final Words

Perth is an amazing city to visit in 2021. The lifestyle in Perth is relaxed, and people are friendly and hospitable. No doubt Perth is one of the safest cities in the world. But there are some areas in the cities you should avoid visiting at night.

Armadale train lines in Perth are not the best place to go alone at night. Still, if you have to go to Armadale train lines, make sure you are going with a group of people. Other than this, Perth is beautiful and secure to travel to.

In the end, I must say that do not miss Balthazar Restaurant and Coco’s Restaurant if you are coming to Perth in 2021.

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