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Finding the Best SMS Provider for Your Business to Grow Faster

Best SMS Provider

Small businesses don’t always have loads of money to run experiments. Return on investment for your marketing spend is tantamount to getting the word out about your business, its products and sales cycles. Fashion retailers, shopping sites for everything from groceries to services need to let you know about them.

A mobile communications strategy that works is not negotiable, and so many marketers base their core campaign around the reliability offered by SMS and text messaging. It’s important to do an SMS comparison to see what options are available for text-based marketing campaigns in order to choose what options will work best for you.

Here you can find 6 marketing tips that most brands follow other than SMS Marketing.

What small and medium business marketers know:

The State of SMS, a report by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA, October 2017) it looked at the issue of text messaging generally, and the statistics involved in opting-in to receiving marketing texts:

  • SMS is still gaining ground in the UK and generally across even highly technically-literate societies like China and the UK.
  • It is reliable, safe and is delivered. But reliability is key to getting your message across.
  • 25% of opt-in messages are read.
  • A quarter of those texts are forwarded.

So spending on SMS becomes a necessary step to launching your communications campaigns.

  • Should you go for a free service?
  • Are paid services vastly different across the pricing options?
  • Do you want to send from a desktop?
  • What size package do you need
  • What are the tech requirements – both hardware and software?
  • How do sending processes and platforms compare?
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These environments are saturated, and highly competitive

This is always good news for the SME. Competition always makes your job easier as a marketer.

  • Competition is good for small and medium enterprise – it means a price war which generally favors your business.
  • With a little shopping around and research, you can land a reliable and lucrative package.
  • ROI counts for sales in your pocket
  • Offset what you are receiving in service from your spending.

If you are in any of these industries, SMS is your life-support:

Finding an SMS provider is critical to your Marketing efforts. Use comparison sites and Google searches.

Sites like SMS comparison UK offer small businesses comparison information on the service and scalability of SMS marketing options available to small and medium service providers. Here’s a quick way of glancing through the different options available on the market (see for a tabled guide on what is offered by service providers in the UK)

These are things you could examine more thoroughly:

  • SMS Gateways comparison – look at technologies used and platforms available
  • Compare the packages available for bulk vs medium sized packages.
  • The general rule is that the more you need to upscale your package, the cheaper it will be
  • Check the history of the service provider for reliability and uptime (Reports from the service provider are generally publicly available).

Do your research via comparison sites, searches and forums. It works a little effort to get your campaigns off the ground effortlessly.

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